10 Terrific Names for a Tuxedo Cat

Do you have a Tuxedo cat, or are you thinking about adopting one?  The “Tuxie” is a popular choice – this cat is super intelligent and has a sweet disposition. Some actually say that Tuxedo cats are smarter than other cat breeds, but we don’t want to cause a huge debate!

If you’re bringing home an adorable Tuxie cat or kitten, then you’ll want to give them a purrfect name. Here are some of our favorite Tuxedo cat names!

James Bond – That’s Bond, James Bond, as in “007” from the super-secret MI5. If you think your Tuxie feline prefers their catnip “shaken, not stirred” just like Bond’s classic martini then this could be a great name for them. After all, 007 always looked so elegant when he wore a tuxedo!

Frank Sinatra – The bobby soxers especially loved to listen to his song hits! Always stylish and dressed to the nines, this internationally known crooner taught us to “Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive” or to have adventured with “Come Fly with Me” or the perfect feline anthem – “My Way.” Because after all, what cat doesn’t want things done exactly the way they want them?

Panda – Everyone knows that Tuxedo cats are black and white. Well, so are pandas! Pandas are cuddly (we think they are) and sweet tempered. If you are a big animal lover, why not name your new Tuxedo kitten, Panda, after this beloved animal? Another black and white animal that people adore is the Zebra, this is a great choice for a family pet too, as kids know this animal quite well and think it is so cute with all those stripes.

Whoopi Goldberg (Sister Act character – Deloris Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence) – If you’ve seen the hilarious movie Sister Act, then you know just how many adventures singer hiding as a nun can have! Whoopi Goldberg’s character goes a wonderful job of bringing joy into the convent she is staying in. This is the purrfect name for your female Tuxie cat or kitten, one who has a touch of mischief in them!

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Daisy & Gatsby (from The Great Gatsby) – Here is a pair of Tuxie names from a classic book, The Great Gatsby. Purrfect for a male and female cat pair who love to spend time with each other. Ideally ones who adore the finer things in life, perhaps drinking milk out of your best china cup or eating tuna tidbits off the holiday tablecloth. Why if Daisy and Gatsby were cats, they would be doing the same – and a whole heck of a lot more.

Judge Judy – We bet you’re a bit surprised to see a judge’s name here. But it’s actually purrfect for your Tuxie! As a judge, she’s always wearing her black robe, with her white lace collar that only Judge Judy wears. A pet parent can only hope their cat has the wisdom and good sense that Judge Judy has, this is a cat who can run the household with one paw, perhaps even the community!

Batman – Now, how totally cool is Batman? Probably not quite as cool as the fact that you’ve just adopted a new cat or kitten, but still, pretty darn cool! As a superhero he (of course) has super powers, a sidekick, an amazing car – but that’s not all. He also has a butler, Alfred, who seems to know just about anything and everything, not just to get him a clean bat-suit. Batman also has that awesome Batmobile that speeds off into the night, ready to help anyone in Gotham City in peril. So if your cat is just way too “cool for school” and you think they could save the world, then this could be the purrfect cat name for them. Besides, we aren’t going to get in their way if they actually do save the world, we’ll just give them lots of cat toys!

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers (from Top Hat) – Have you ever seen ‘Top Hat’?  The dancing scenes? Fred and Ginger are graceful, elegant and make it all look so easy. Kind of like a cat who scales the curtains and walks along the top. Or the cat who can jump to the top of a door and just hang out there (my aunt’s cat could do that!). Tuxies are super curious and can be very active, it’s just got to be harnessed properly, so give them lots of playtime and ways to have positive fun that doesn’t cause you to lose your security deposit.

Credit: This article was contributed by guest blogger Abby Beal who is a pet parent and life-long animal lover. Her site is called PurrfectCatNames.com and features fun & unique cat names for your cat or kitten!

Oh – and this is Abby’s tuxie whose name is Penguin!

Love tuxies as much as we do?  Check out our in-depth post celebrating Tuxedo Cats called A Tribute to Tuxies and their ‘Tuxitude’  Share your favorite Tuxedo names with us in the “Leave a Reply” section below.  We have a tuxedo cat named “Newman” but that’s a story for another day. >^..^<

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