Cool Cat Names – Need Some Inspiration?

Have you recently brought home a brand new kitty? Congrats! Then, to kick off the excitement, the time has come to pick out the best name for your furry little kitten.  Naming a pet cat Muffin or Max is really dated! Keep in mind that your cat is a living breathing individual.


Why not select a name that could capture your kitten’s disposition or appearance?

The following are some recommendations in choosing cat names.

Opt for a name that you can shout from the front porch. If it is easy to shout and easy to say, it would be a lot easier for your cat to recognize and get accustomed to the name. Research demonstrates that cats answer best to names that are 1 to 2 syllables.

Pick out a name that can grow with your cat. For instance, if you name your cat “Fluffy”, it could no longer be a proper description once the cat is an adult.


Begin to observe your kitten’s unique personality. Each and every cat is unique and your cat’s specific habits will help you to uncover the best name. Good examples are “Cuddles” and “Bouncy”. Attempt to capture your cats unique personality with a name.

Following are the most funny, unique and cute cat names we’ve discovered.

Cute Cat Names

Cat lovers are aware that there is absolutely nothing cuter than a cat, specifically a kitty! Although they don’t realize it, our cats pluck at our heart strings and touch us with their lovable purring and playfulness. Have fun with this list of our favorite cute cat names.

Nibbles – so long as they’re not nibbling on you

Buttercup – why do you build me up?

Chipmunk – nearly as cute as a kitten

Tinkerbell – not tinkle, tinker

Cuddles – not for the cat that hides under the couch

Snuggles – Cuddles’ pal

Munchkin – enough said

Pumpkin – for the orange cat


Cutie Patootey – in case you are among those who carry your cat around everywhere

Twinkle Toes – for the most elegant

Hopper – depending on how your cat gets around

Cupcake – so cute you could eat ’em up

Lollipop – so cute you could… lick ’em? That’d be a hairball for you.

Skittles – because cats are simply so sweet!

Prince/Princess – precisely how they need to be taken care of

Button – as cute as a button

Bug’s Ear – as cute as a bug’s ear

Jujube – it simply sounds cute

Love Bug – you can slug your buddies whenever your cat passes by

Panda Bear – what’s cuter than a panda? Just a cat.

Oliver – did you watch “Oliver and Company”?

Tom – Jerry stole the spotlight

Daisy – for a female cat

Simba – for a male cat

Cutesy Poo – should you wish to go over the top!



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