Love in the Cat Cafe

Last year we did a post on cat cafes called Serving The Purrfect Latte.  Since then we’ve been to our share of cat cafes, and loved them all.

The cat cafe movement is sweeping the nation and we’re all for it!  Imagine how thrilled we were to find out about a new web series called “The Purrfect Match – Love in the Cat Cafe”.

A group of TV producers from Zone 3 in New York, came up with a brilliant idea to shoot a web series about finding love (feline love that is) in the cat cafe. We spoke with Julian Locke (Head of Zone 3 USA) who told us that “We felt that a series like this would make for a great format – a House Hunters meets the Bachelor or Catchelor!”  They shot 4 initial episodes at Meow Parlor on Hester St. in NY.

Their goal is to generate enough interest to get the project funded and turned into an ongoing series.

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Locke told us “We love the environment they create as a space where the cats roam free and aren’t caged up, it seems like the perfect place to adopt where everyone’s relaxed and has time to bond. We also liked that the cats come from shelters and every cat adopted makes room for another cat to move in.”

Our sentiments exactly!

Every episode follows a human’s search for a new kitty. There’s an eligible ‘catchelor’ or ‘catchelorette’ for everyone!  Check out the 4 mini videos below and tell us what you think.

PART 1 – The Catchelors

PART 2 – One-on-One Dates

PART 3 – Playing the Field

PART 4 – Kitty + Us

Love is always in the air at a cat cafe!

Please share this post with your feline loving friends and let’s see if we can all drum up enough interest to get The Purrfect Match turned into a regular series.



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