Top 10 Cat Toys for Active Cats

We all know why cats are the best. They’re playful, sweet (when they want to be), and downright hilarious. Their hyperactivity can provide hours of entertainment, but it can also be menacing when we really need to get things done.

For all the times your kitty won’t stop jumping on your laptop, gnawing on your earphones, or clawing at your feet, you need something that will keep her busy that doesn’t involve you dangling a mouse on a string or throwing a ball around.

Because let’s face it, you need to sleep!

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Here’s our Top 10 recommendation of the best toys that hyper cats can use for independent play.  These cat toys are also recommended for senior cats to help keep them active and mentally stimulated.

1. PetSafe Frolicat Pounce

A modern toy for modern cats, Pounce features an electronic yellow mouse speeding around a disc that teases your cat into stalking, swiping, and pouncing.

petsafe.pounceThe toy encourages exercise and stimulates the need to hunt with three tunnels for the mouse to zip in and out of. It has four speed settings for varied play and shuts off automatically after ten minutes to preserve battery life.

2. SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box

What appears to be a simple box with circular holes is actually a mind-blowing game for your cat.


The holes act as paw entryways for retrieving balls and other toys trapped inside. It requires strategic thinking and careful planning, keeping kitty distracted and off your keyboard! Even better, there’s no limit to the number of cats that can play at once. Keep calm and bring out the box.

3. KONG Playground Cat Toy Catnip Treat Dispenser

This toy made the list for its sheer diversity and its inclusion of catnip. It has a treat dispensing wheel, a dangling catnip toy, a water trough, and a ball on a track to keep your cat fed, hydrated, and busy.


The catnip smell alone will drive your cat crazy and rev him up for the games and treats. With all the activity going on with this toy, your cat will find it hard to break away and steal your lunch.

4. Trixie 5 in 1 Activity Center

Like a board game for cats, this toy features five separate games, each offering a new and stimulating challenge.


It requires treats to coax cats into retrieving them from the various parts of the board which includes globes, pegs, alleys, holes, and a tunnel. Each section provides a unique treat-retrieving task for your kitty, keeping her entertained for long periods of time.

5. PetSafe Frolicat Cheese

One of the most original and enticing toys on this list, Cheese includes two electronic mice hiding inside a giant block of cheese.


They venture out and return back into hiding at random speeds, and it can be set to run for 10 or 15 minutes. The wireless toy takes three AA batteries and includes a feature that allows random play throughout the day while you’re busy or away from home. Your cat will never miss you again.




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