Cats in Circles – The Festive Edition

Earlier this year we had some fun with many of our IG pals testing out the theory of whether your cat will sit in a circle and stay there. The photo submissions were absolutely hilarious. Here’s just a sampling of the many entries we received.  You can see the original post here: Cats and Circles

We asked our readers if they thought it might be fun if we created a ‘cats in circles’ festive contest for the holidays. The response was a resounding ‘YES’. So how could we disappoint?  >^..^<

The premise is simple…take a photo (or video) of your cat inside a seasonally decorated circle and share it. Alternatively, outfit your cat (if they’re willing) in seasonal attire and take a photo/video of them inside a circle. Be creative. Be festive. Think inside the circle!

To motivate purr-ticipation we offered three furbulous prizes! {details below}

* Contest Now Closed

This contest ended on December 31st, 2017 and was available to residents worldwide. Entrants simply needed to do either of the following:

  • Post a photo (or video) of your cat(s) in a seasonally festive circle in your Instagram feed and use the hashtag: #festivecirclecats


  • Email us a photo of your cat(s) in a seasonally festive circle to: [email protected]  In the email subject line put: #festivecirclecats

The winners were chosen by the contest sponsors and contacted by email.



This beautiful Calla Lily cat water fountain in Lavender Blue and Cream from Thirsty Cat Fountains. Water fills the Calla blossom and streams from the lip with pleasant sounds and no splash. Your cats can drink from the blossom, the stream and the bowl. 3.5″ high and 12″ in diameter, 12 cup capacity. Everything is included. Simply fill with water. Handmade high fired stoneware and 100% food safe glazes. Approx. value: $170 plus FREE shipping.


This elegant elevated cat feeding station from Vivipet. Cats are natural crouch eaters and prefer eating from an elevated position which is why these feeders are great to help prevent stomach stress. They are also smartly designed to reduce the possibility of whisker fatigue and look stylish and elegant in your home. Elevate your cat’s dining experience! View the full collection of Vivipet elevated feeders.  Approx. value: $57 plus FREE shipping.


The Wiggly Sampler Pack by Dezi & Roo brings together three of their four irresistible balls that challenge your cat for hours of fun. One Ping ball, one Pong ball and your choice of a regular or glow-in-the-dark high bouncing ball. Approx. value: $10 plus FREE shipping.


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