Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2019

As the year slowly winds to a close, we’re excited to share our Holiday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers which includes a selection of 16 unique and carefully curated gifts designed to delight both our favorite felines and their owners.

Be sure to check them out and look for bonus coupon codes on several of them for special savings.

1. Meowijuana Catnip Treats and Toys

The Meowijuana team are purrrrveyors of 100% Organic Catnip as well as cat toys, treats and apparel! Founded and based out of Kansas City, Missouri, they have been working to create great catnip since 2015. Their legendary catnip is grown throughout the United States, and is of the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today. Check out their delicious new treats (Munchies) with a catnip flavored center … so satisfying, your cat will have to fight the urge to go back for more. Get their Munchies here. And don’t forget their line of catnip filled toys full of high-grade, organic Meowijuana! Get their catnip toys here. Bonus: get 20% OFF any purchase with discount code PURRINGTON.


2. Caticons – The Book

Caticons is one of our favorite coffee table books which chronicles the private cat icon collection of Sandy Lerner and documents four thousand years of humans and their love of all things feline. It’s a truly remarkable piece of art in its own right and a MUST HAVE coffee table book for any cat lover! This fascinating book was 30 years in the making! Right now you can get it for only $45 with discount code PURRS2019. Buy it here.


3.  DexMex Cat Art Prints

Time to spruce up your home or office décor? You’ll find the purrfect cat art prints at DexMex. They have over 200 cat themed art prints with themes such as mid-century modern, kitchen decor, laundry room decor, beer theme prints and many that can even be personalized with a cat’s name. Their Etsy shop has almost 21,000 sales. Be sure to check out their amazing selection. Buy DexMex cat prints here.


4.  SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect lets you keep track your cat’s feeding habits and enables you to serve accurate portions every time. Connect to the Sure Petcare app to set your pet’s portion size, then when you fill your cat’s bowl, LEDs guide you to the correct portion weight within 1g of accuracy. View when your cat was last fed their feeding habits over time and see how much and each visit to the bowl. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect only opens for a registered pet’s veterinary implanted microchip or RFID collar tag to prevent pets stealing each others’ food. Buy it here.


5.  VetPet Box – Veterinarian Curated

There are a lot of cat themed subscription box services out there, but this one called VetPet Box really stood out for us. Each monthly box is carefully curated by their team of veterinarians and filled with items custom tailored to your cat’s profile. Give your kitty a reason to love the vet! Veterinarian-selected toys, treats and healthcare products. Helping them live their best 9 lives has never been easier (or more fun!). Get $10 OFF with coupon code PURR10. Buy it here.


6.  Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops

Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops have been formulated to help reduce pain, swelling and stiffness. Support joint flexibility and mobility, and maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissue in your kitty! If you’re looking for a way to shed years off your fur baby and help him/her move better … then you need to try the Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize! It only takes 1-2 drops a day to support your kitties joint health and around 2 weeks to start seeing a difference. Head over to the Scruffy Paws site and check out what cat parents have said about the Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops. Click here to the check out the Hip n Joint Vitalize (and support your kitties joint health).


7. Petsmatig Wire Cat Cage

Introducing the PETSMATIG Wire Cat Cage with 3 adjustable platforms and 3 ladders, a removable hammock, pull-out bottom tray, and attachable wheel casters with brakes. This spacious, foldable metal cat playpen offers plenty of room to relax for 1 to 2 cats. The bottom leak-proof pull-out tray is made of a sturdy thick black plastic and slides out for quick cleaning. Easy to assemble, the PETSMATIG Cat Cage comes with concise, clear instructions and requires no added tools. Purrfect for anyone who wants a mobile catio solution! Buy it here.


8.  The Cat Canoe® Modern Cat Bed

Don’t settle for anything but the original Cat Ball® bed & Cat Canoe®. Give your kitty an authorized spot under the Christmas tree with a Cat Canoe® modern cat bed! Perfect for grumpy little elves who probably need another nap. Other fabrics are available! Buy it here.


9.  Cat Men of Gotham Book

Cat Men of Gotham is a fascinating book where you’ll wind your way through the streets of Old New York as you meet dozens of stray cats and the many heroic policemen, firemen, athletes, and more who rescued them and welcomed them into their homes and hearts. Read about the cop who stopped traffic for a mother cat and her kittens, the Harlem cats who were rescued by President Teddy Roosevelt, the kitten who brought good luck to the New York Rangers hockey team, and many more unforgettable cats and cat men. A fun gift for cat lovers and history fans alike. Order on Amazon here.


10.  Aesthetically Designed Cat Dwellings

Great looks, comfort for your kitty and eco-friendly too – what’s not to love! These durable pet structures from DHUMA are made from 100% recyclable corrugate. Their clever creations are highly durable, thoughtfully designed, and aesthetically pleasing. Check out their store to see all the different shapes and designs and get 15% OFF with coupon code PURR15. Buy them here.


11.  Thirsty Cat Fountains

Thirsty Cat Fountains are among the highest quality, most attractive cat drinking fountains available anywhere. We own two of them in our home and love the fact that they are 100% food-safe and their quality control process is world class. Each piece is unique and handmade to combine artistic design that will gracefully complement your home decor. The Thirsty Cat team create everything from scratch, including their own glazes. All fountains come with everything needed. Fill with water, plug in and delight your cats. Right now get 13% OFF (non sale items) with coupon code purrington. Buy them here.


12.  Garden Cats Dinnerware & Serving Bowl

Impress your cat loving guests with this beautiful Laurel Burch Garden Cats serving bowl and dinnerware set from My Three Cats. Made of glossy melamine with a classy black rim, these elegant pieces are sturdy and dishwasher safe. Purrfect for entertaining during the holidays. Buy them here.


13. Loop Lounge from Assisi Animal Health

The Assisi Loop Lounge™ is a therapy pad of multiple coils, powered by the Assisi Loop’s patented technology. The Loop Lounge accelerates healing, reduces inflammation and alleviates pain. It is rechargeable via a simple controller box. The batteries need to be recharged after approximately 60 treatments, and overall battery life is four years, or 6,000 uses before needing replacement. The Loop Lounge was definitely designed with cats in mind! It covers three of our most daunting challenges; getting our cats safely to the vet, avoiding the frequent side effects of drugs, and removing the difficulty of pilling.  Buy it here.


14.  The Looper – Wand Toy Attachment

The Looper from Dezi & Roo is a unique, fun and versatile tool that can turn a piece of paper or other material into the coolest of cat toys. We all know how much cats love to shred, chew and destroy prey. It’s a nifty plastic loop that can be attached to most cat wands or affixed to string or rope. It comes with 8 sheets of colorful tissue paper that are easily disposed of after your cat has had fun chasing, shredding and chewing it to pieces. Buy it here.


15.  Cat-Tastic Yoga Pants

Our feline loving pals at Niyama Sol (pronounced nee•yah•muh soul) specialize in creating luxurious lifestyle active wear made with love, from recycled plastic bottles. How cool and eco-friendly is that! We fell in love with their Cat-Tastic Endless Leggings which are purrfect for doing yoga, watching TV (with your cats of course), and going on coffee dates to name a few! They were kind enough to donate several pairs for the ladies at our local shelter … they LOVED them! Buy them here.


16.  Cat DIY Model Kits

If you enjoy building Lego, then you’ll love these cat themed model kits from JEKCA with over 100 different styles to choose from. Hours of fun and so many places you can display them.  Buy them here.



Whatever tradition you celebrate this holiday season, we wish you and your family a most magical and meowvelous time!  Purrs!  >^..^<

At this sparkling, joyful time of year,
 We think of people who are special and dear;
 We’re sending this poem in the hopes it conveys
 Our best wishes for your Happy Holidays!

Poem by Joanna Fuchs


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