This Rescue Duo are Squishably Inseparable

Star light, star bright, first star we see tonight, we wish we may, we wish we might, see a Mimosquish tonight!

Confused? Don’t worry, we were at first too. Stay with us, you’ll be glad you did. Let’s start by introducing you to Mimo (left) and Kirry (right). Both are rescue cats and now inseparable siblings in their loving furever home.

Still curious about the ‘squish’ reference? We know that Mimo and Kirry’s 35,000 IG fans would love to learn more about that too. Their delightful, doting and dedicated mom (Priya) kindly shared the following hilarious insights into the oh-so enjoyable world of Mimo and Kirry and explains all…

Q:  Do they get along well? 

Mimo and Kirry have a very special and rare kitty relationship, and get along extraordinarily well! I had Mimo first for a few months – she was a foster fail. The moment I brought Kirry home, Mimo went right up to the cat carrier door and smelled Kirry, and then licked his nose. Later that evening, when I officially introduced the two of them, they went right up to each other and started giving tons of kisses [shown below]. They got along immediately! And they have been inseparable ever since!

Kirry always follows Mimo around, and always cuddles with her. He wants to be as close to her as possible, and this initially involved him curling up right next to her. But that wasn’t close enough! Kirry quickly started to lay ON TOP of Mimo, and they would cuddle like that. We call it #mimosquish! They even nap like that sometimes. Kirry is bigger and heavier than Mimo, but Mimo is such a patient big sister and doesn’t mind. Since it was so unique and hilarious, and so frequent, I decided to do #mimosquish Mondays, where I post a picture of a squish every week!

Q:  Are their names meaningful in some special way?

Mimo’s full name is Momo Mimo and Kirry’s full name is Kirry Meowyface. Both names I made up, and each part of their name has a special and funny story behind it. I thought the names sounded cute in the end, so they were purrfect for my babies!

Q:  Do they share your home with any other animals?

Nope! Mimo and Kirry are the only animals in my home. They’re all I need!

Q:  What was the inspurration to start their adorable IG feed?

Actually, before I started the account, there were a couple of cat accounts that I followed from my personal account and absolutely loved. Since my phone was filled with pictures of Mimo and Kirry already, I figured, “Hey, I could do this too! Why not?” So I gave it a try!

Q:  How would you describe their purrsonalities?

Well, Mimo is super smart, vocal, affectionate, curious, and acts like a princess sometimes. She follows me everywhere and always meows when I say her name. Mimo is so smart that I joke around and say she’s a neuroscientist with her Ph.D. in astrophysics. So she’s actually Dr. Momo Mimo! She’s definitely the more dominant personality of the two, even though she’s the one who gets squished.

Kirry, on the other hand, is not as smart, but makes up for it with his looks! He’s the most affectionate and loving animal I have ever met in my life. He’s a total mama’s boy and follows me everywhere as well. He even cries and circles my feet anytime I’m about to leave the house because he doesn’t want me to leave! It breaks my heart! Kirry is so sweet, so innocent, and such a little baby.

Both of them are very attached at the hip with each other and with me. They are always with me and always want me to hold them and cuddle them. I’m very lucky to have such loving kitties!

Q:  Where do they sleep?

Mimo and Kirry both sleep with me! Unlike most cats, they actually sleep ALL night with me – they go to bed with me and they wake up with me. Mimo usually sleeps leaning on my legs, and Kirry sleeps right at my chest and insists I spoon him all night. And if my hand or arm falls off him throughout the night, he gently puts his paw on my cheek and kneads my face to wake me up to hold him again. Haha, it’s true! He really is just the sweetest. And even when I sleep in on the weekend, which can be an extra 6 hours of sleep, they will still sleep with me until I wake up. If they wake up before me (Mimo usually will on weekends), they will just sit there quietly and wait patiently for me to wake up!

Q:  Funniest thing either have ever done?

They do so many funny things, so this is really difficult to answer. They make me laugh every day with the little things they do. Mimosquish is still a consistently funny thing for me. Mimo and Kirry’s faces are always so expressive during it! While Mimo’s reaction varies, Kirry always looks so innocent and happy when he’s squishing her.

Q:  Naughtiest thing either have ever done?

Mimo and Kirry are both really good cats and are really well-behaved. When I first got Mimo though, she used to claw the bottom of the box spring of my bed. She made a big hole in it, and used to climb inside and crawl around in the box spring, which was a weird sound! I have since sealed the bottom of the box spring with a high strength plastic so that she cannot do that anymore.

As for Kirry, he eats everything!! The naughtiest thing he does is eat everything and anything! I cannot leave anything edible on the counter anymore because he will eat it. He will rip open packages, eat apart boxes, do anything to get at the food inside. So I have to make sure everything is hidden in the cupboards, microwave, or oven. He even eats non-edible things too, which has scared me every time!

Ridiculous things he has eaten in the past: my toothbrush head, dry protein powder, my official signed living will, all the icing off a dozen cupcakes, an entire package of beef jerky, my toenail clippings, lint off anything, cardboard, feathers from my duvet, part of an empty Tupperware container, twist ties, an antibiotic pill, a pound of broccoli, a bell from a cat toy, half a box of chicken wing bones, and I could go on and on! He gives me a heart attack every time he does that, but he’s been okay every time, thankfully! He has a stomach of steel!

Q:  Are they spoiled?… If so, in what way?

They are soooo spoiled! They get endless amounts of love, lots of treats, and have tons of toys. I feed them high quality cat food, and occasionally sneak them little bites of what I’m eating when I know it’s something they really love. Most Fridays, I even have a sushi date with Kirry, and he gets to share some of my sushi with me. Mimo doesn’t like sushi, so she just watches. I even have special little birthday parties for them every year, complete with a special “cake”, party hats, and presents! I spoil them not only because I love them, but because they have had difficult pasts.

Mimo, especially, had a rough start to life – being adopted and then abandoned outside in the cold, Canadian winter as a 6-7 month old kitten, then developing many health issues because of it. She went into the foster program, where she met me, and she wasn’t getting fully better even after a few months. She was going to be put down because the vets didn’t think she’d even make it to a year old. I couldn’t allow that, and decided to keep her. And she was completely healthy about 2 months after! She is now 4 years old and hasn’t had anymore health problems!

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Kirry, on the other hand, was brought to the shelter as a kitten and went to so many adoption events looking for a forever home. Knowing his personality and how shy he is, this must have been torture for him. He went to so many, and no one would adopt him. I still think to this day that there was some sort of an invisibility cloak on him to ensure that I met him and that he was mine. All animals deserve to be spoiled and loved, especially rescued animals who have had tough pasts.

Q:  Do they co-operate willingly during most photo shoots?

Mimo and Kirry are both pretty co-operative during photo shoots. When they are just chilling, as soon as I bring out my phone, it’s almost like they know and start posing even more. Mimosquishes are really easy to take pictures of – they usually just stare at me when I come close to them. Kirry is really good at meowdeling products we receive; Mimo is a little harder with this because she’s so curious about the new item and won’t sit still. But both are pretty easy to photograph! I’m really lucky!

Q:  Any interesting IG projects on the horizon with these 2 cuties?

We are continuing to be ambassadors for certain products/brands that we are passionate about. You’ll see Mimo and Kirry’s faces on some new and exciting things in the near future that we aren’t allowed to disclose yet! Other than that, we focus a lot of our efforts in helping our local humane society through our IG page, and other shelter animals all around the world.

Q:  If Mimo and Kirry were famous people celebs… who do you think they’d be?

Hmmmm… I’ve never thought of this before! Mimo’s celebrity would have to be strong, beautiful, intelligent, and really unique. Maybe Gal Gadot, who recently played Wonder Woman? Mimo even has a Wonder Woman costume!

As for Kirry’s celebrity, he would have to be someone super handsome and really sweet. Maybe Chris Evans, who played Captain America? Haha, can you tell I’m a superhero movie fan?! But it would also have to be someone who isn’t the brightest… So part Ashton Kutcher from Dude Where’s My Car? Hahaha!

Q:  Anything the duo might like to say to their IG fans?

Yes! We want to thank each and every one of our IG fans for following our adventures and for always being so kind to us. We are grateful for all of you and enjoy reading all your loving comments! We have made some amazing furriends along the way, and are just so grateful! Thank you!! And please remember to support your local animal shelter!


A very special thanks to Priya and her uber-adorable squish-monkeys for making us smile. You really ought to follow their squishiness via their wonderful IG feed at @mimo_and_kirry.

No more wishing for squishing. When you just need a dish of squish, you’ll have it on demand!

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