Orange Tabby Cat Lego Kits

If you’re a lover of ginger (aka orange) tabbies, then you may be interested to know that you can now buy Lego style kits to build your own ginger ninja. We have negotiated a preferred pricing deal with the manufacturer …here’s the offer:
*Special Offer…Purrington Post readers who purchase get a 10% DISCOUNT on checkout when they use code: purrington

To purchase your orange tabby kit simply click on either the image below or this link => BUY an ORANGE TABBY CAT KIT

More Cat Breeds in Lego Style Kits

Want to see the other cat kits available?  Here’s the full collection of cat kit models => VIEW COMPLETE CAT KIT CATALOG

Still Need More Orange Tabby Love?

Check out our post called 9 Fun Facts About Orange Tabby Cats.


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