A Handsome Heartthrob Named Hosico

There are plenty of cute cats out there but every now and then one furry feline tends to emerge as the reigning king (or queen) of adorableness.  Well we found such a magnificent specimen and this dreamy eyed, round faced, uber captivating cuddly ‘czar-of-cuteness’ is known as Hosico!

*Warning: The images that follow are extremely cute and could cause HMDS (Heart Melt Down Syndrome)

Hosico is a gorgeous gold Scottish Straight who just celebrated his 3rd birthday on August 4th with his loving (and doting) family in Moscow. For us, Hosico puts the ‘Happy’ in the letter ‘H’ and we have a Hunch that his Handsome Hypnotic eyes will render you Happily Helpless as he Hijacks your Heart! Ha!  >^..^<

His fan base clearly agree with us since he has amassed a whopping  662,000 Instagram followers (at the time of this writing) who attest to his magical and magnetic appeal. Oh, in case you’re curious about his name, ‘Hosico’ translated from Japanese means ‘star child’…which certainly would explain his meteoric rise to internet stardom.

When he was brought to his furever home back in 2014 as a wee kitten, this golden round ball of fluff brought with him a family of fleas. But once treated he began his unexpected and delightful journey from flea-fluff to star-child! What a ride!

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According to his humans, Hosico is often compared with Puss in Boots from the ‘Shrek’ cartoon, or with Garfield, and sometimes even with a squirrel or giant hamster. Sorry, but we think Hosico is a one-of-a-kind original! Either way you gotta love him!

We had the op-purr-tunity to ask Hosico’s humans a few questions to find out a bit more about this charismatic and classy kitty. Here’s what they shared with us:

Q:  You say Hosico is a bit timid…is that only with strangers or just other animals, or both?

Hosico is very timid towards all strangers, he is even afraid of a door bell. When he hears it he runs away and hides. As to animals thus far he has only met with female cats when they visited him for breeding. Hosico is a consummate gentleman…if the lady cat isn’t in the mood for some feline frolic then he respects her wishes and nothing happens. 😸

Q:  What’s the funniest thing Hosico has done that made you laugh out loud?

The most amusing thing is his passion for boxes, baskets and bowls to climb in. He also likes to hide somewhere and then re-appear suddenly out of nowhere. When he’s tired of play time sometimes he’ll stop, look at us and then begin to clatter. It’s the cutest thing, he sounds so hilarious…almost human like.

Q:  What’s the naughtiest thing Hosico has ever done that made you upset?

In general Hosico is a very calm and well behaved cat. He’s careful to sharpen his claws only on his scratching post and always uses his litter box.  His only real weakness is his love for house plants which is why we buy grass for him once a week. 

Q:  Is he a talkative cat or more quiet?

Hosico is a quiet cat. You will hear him meowing very seldom, only when he is hungry.

Q:  What’s his favorite toy?

His favorite toy is the little black rope. He plays with it every day! He also loves to play with a cocktail tube (drinking straw).

Q:  Does Hosico sleep with you?

He never sleeps with us. At night he sleeps in his own bed and during the day (depending on the weather) he sleeps on either on his favorite rug when it’s cold or on his cardboard scratcher when it’s hot. Sometimes he is just naps on the floor flat on his back!

Q:  You mentioned that Hosico reminds people of Puss in Boots from ‘Shrek’ or even Garfield, but if he was a famous person, who would he most be like?

If Hosico was a famous person we think he’d be Brad Pitt. Well they are both very handsome boys! 🙂

Q:  If Hosico could talk what do you think he would say to all his fans around the world?

OMG, how many of you are here! And you all love me so much while I am just a normal house cat. I wish that all cats would find their loving homes and that they would get everything they need. 

Q:  Does Hosico have any new/exciting projects or merchandise to announce to his fans soon?

Very soon we will announce the sale of our new plush Hosico cuddle toy (sneak peek below). This is a joint project with designers from Singapore. We also would love to make a book about Hosico as our fans often ask us about it. Also very soon our new collection of T-Shirts will be released on our website.

Stay tuned and be sure to check the Hosico website for updates! 

If you can handle a bit more cuteness then we thought you’d enjoy this short video where Hosico demonstrates his box entry and napping skills. >^..^<

Please be sure to keep up with Hosico’s daily adventures by following him on:

Instagram: @hosico_cat
Facebook:  @thehosicocat


We wanted to part with a special message for Hosico: Хосико, мы тебя любим! [translated from Russian it means ‘Hosico, we love you! ]

Image Credits: All photos were graciously provided by Hosico’s humans via @hosico_cat


Scottish Straight Cat Breed Information

For those of you interested in learning more about Scottish Straights we thought this succinct breed overview from Go Kitty was excellent.

Active: Scottish Straight are a moderately active cat breed. They enjoy playing but usually want to play with their humans rather than alone. While they do not particularly enjoy being carried around they are a very affectionate cat and will follow their humans around and curl up in their lap when the time is right.

Size: Scottish Straights are a medium cat, typically weighing between 5 to 13 pounds.

Characteristics: Scottish Straights are a medium size cat with medium boning and are described as generally “round” – they have a round body, round face, and round whisker pads. The tips of their ears are rounded as well but what their ears are truly known for is the way that they bend forward and downward. Scottish Straight’s ears start out straight and remain that way, rather than bending downward and forward like their Scottish Fold siblings. Their round, widely spaced eyes, combined with their domed head and straight ears gives them an incredibly endearing and open look that many cat fanciers have fallen in love with over the years. They have short legs and a very compact body, adding to their unique appearance that has been often compared to an owl or a teddy bear.

Temperament: The Scottish Straight cat breed is as sweet in personality as it is in appearance. They are a highly loyal and lovable cat, following around their favorite humans wherever they go. They are very affectionate so don’t be surprised if they get a bit clingy to you. They enjoy playing around and being silly but are still very gentle, even in their play. Scottish Straights are quite clever and dexterous, and you might even find them opening cabinet doors. Their intelligence and dexterity also helps them to take quickly to training. Their personality makes them an ideal cat for homes with children and other pets and they are a relatively quiet cat so they won’t talk your ear off. One of the funniest things about the personality of the Scottish Straight is that they love to lay in funny positions and they can often be seen sitting up like a human or sleeping flat on their backs – it’s quite a site to see!



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