Cats in Food – A Purrfect Mix

One of our favorite new IG accounts is called @cats_in_food which showcases fabulous felines dressing up in delicious savory food dishes. It’s run by a very talented young artist-illustrator named Ksenia (bio below).

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words…here’s an example of the culinary eye candy you’ll get to feast upon in this yummy IG feed … mouth watering feline fun!

To reassure everyone that no cats are ever harmed (or for that matter even slightly annoyed) in the making of these delicious ‘Cats in Food’ dishes … here’s a sneak peek at a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo. The secret sauce is revealed … OK, the cat’s out of the bag (or should we say the bun) now!

You’ll notice plenty of insta-famous cats in her gallery … how many can you spot?

We caught up with Ksenia and asked her to share with us some background so lettuce get on with it…

Q:  Why did you start ‘Cats in Food’? 

I always wanted to do something creative, but i didn’t know what. One day I was just sitting and looking through Instagram accounts and discovered @princesscheeto and was inspired by it, so I suddenly came up with the idea of merging cats and food. I just started the account last month (Jan. 2018).

Q:  So how does it work?

When I just started, I did it for free, but after some time there were more and more people who wanted an edit and I decided to do it for a modest payment (5$). So, now people write me (usually DM), then we discuss details and that’s it 🙂

Q:  How long does it usually take you to create these mouth watering meowsterpieces?

It depends on a picture, it could take 10-20 mins, but sometimes I could sit for hours searching for a food picture that will look good with a cat.

[clickToTweet tweet=”A smorgasbord of fabulous felines lounging in food” quote=”A smorgasbord of fabulous felines lounging in food”]

Q:  Are there rules for people to get their cat included in your feed?

Yep, the rules are highlighted on my IG, It’s simple, I’m just asking for a bright/clear photo of a cat.

Q:  Do have have a favorite ‘cats in food’ photo? 

My favorite one is with @albertbabycat (below left) because there are a lot of comments about animal cruelty (some people think that it’s real) and it makes this edit extra fun. And also I love one with @hosico_cat, (below right) … hard to choose! 🙂

Q:  Any interesting new ‘cats in food’ projects planned?

I’m totally focused on editing pictures right now, so haven’t thought about new projects yet.

Q:  Your fan base is growing so quickly – what would you like to say to them?

This is so amazing!!! I want to say a huuuge thanks to all of them and I’m very grateful! Love you all!

We thought you might enjoy a few more delectable dishes … Warning: cat hair will be included in all servings.

Some kitty cake anyone?

Or purrhaps something a bit sweeter?

Maybe you’re feline like one of these scrumptious temptations?

This cat-a-log of kitty inspired cuisine is endless.

See – we weren’t kitten about how yummy these look, were we?

Cats enrich our lives in so many ways and we think this is such a fun idea to blend our love for them, with one of our other great passions – food.

What’s that noise? … is your cat purring nearby or is that your stomach grumbling?  >^..^<

Artist Bio
Meet Ksenia. This talented 22 y.o., from Russia is an artist-illustrator, but also works as an image editor/re-toucher. Her cat’s name is Smoky and he’s 6.5 month old.  If you love her Cats in Food creations as much as we do, then be sure to follow her IG feed @cats_in_food
Credits: All photos used with permission from @cats_in_food 
Are you a cat loving foodie?  Why not drop us a comment below in the “Leave a Reply” box and tell and tell us what food your cat would be a purrfect fit in.


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