22 Cats Destroy a Holiday Wonderland

With the holiday season quickly approaching, cat owners everywhere begin to ponder the question “could this be the year with no broken ornaments, no shredded presents or wrapping paper, and a Christmas tree that doesn’t get ruined?”  Of course there are plenty of online articles on “How to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree” but what if cats were given the opportunity to simply be cats amidst a beautifully decorated indoor winter wonderland?

Hmmmmm…imagine the paws-ibilities!  Even Santa Claws would shudder at the thought!  =^..^=

Well that’s exactly what the folks at Temptations (the maker of those delectable cat treats) envisioned when creating their hilarious new holiday video ad campaign. Their new Christmas ad features 22 adorable cats and kittens unleashed upon a delightful Christmas wonderland that includes a tree adorned with decorations and presents, a delicious spread, and even a holiday train!  The results are simply cat-astrophic!

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The marketing team at Temptations worked with adam&eveDDB in London, to create the video with the message of offering your kitties a temptation treat to keep them busy and keep your yuletide purring along.  Wouldn’t it be great if something could keep those beasts in line and curb their destructive tendencies? Temptations, believes it has the solution.

The holiday wonderland set took five days to build and the twenty-two cats and kittens trained for three weeks, and were filmed for three days tearing the set apart. As aptly described in AdWeek, ”like the commercial says, if you keep them busy, and treat them too, maybe, just maybe, the hellacious hairballs won’t wreck the place”.

No watch this meow-sterpiece for yourself, but be warned as the video below graphically depicts full on slashing, smashing, thrashing, gnashing, and of course plenty of crashing!

We hope you enjoyed the video.  Drop us a comment below and share your funny holiday cat story with us.


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