A Guide to Understanding Your Cat

The Ears:

In general, if they point forward and slightly outward, then every thing’s cool. If the ears are erect and facing forward, they’re wide awake and may be exploring  something it hears. If the ears are twitching nervously back and forth, they’re agitated or anxious. These are the main identifiers:

Alert and Interested
When your cat’s ears are completely upright, this means the cat is alert and interested in something. Is it dinner time? Are you playing with a new toy? When your cat’s ears are in this position, she is most likely not interested in cuddling because she is otherwise engaged, so it’s best not to force petting or other cuddly behavior – unless the cat is greeting you.

Relaxed and Happy
A cat’s ears may quickly go from alert and upright to pointing slightly to the side. This means kitty is relaxed, happy and content – it indicates he is ready for cuddling, petting or being picked up.

Aggressive or Displeased
If your cat’s ears move from a forward position to flattened down or backward, it likely means he does not like what is happening. This could mean she dislikes being scratched where you’re scratching her, or she’s annoyed, or she’s afraid. This position is important to keep in mind because it is often a precursor to aggression in cats. If your cat’s ears are down, it’s a good idea to give kitty some space to cool off.

Next up…the Tail…


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