15 Clever Gift Ideas to Welcome Home a Newly Adopted Cat

It’s Adopt-a-Cat month and if you’re planning to bring home a new feline family member anytime soon, we’ve put together this list of 15 Clever Gift Ideas to help welcome them into your home.

Each spring thousands of kittens are born, adding to the millions of cats already housed in shelters across the country.  That means our local shelters have many adorable kittens to choose from in addition to older, more mellow cats. Please consider adopting a shelter cat (or two…three’s a good number also!) this month.  >^..^<

Here are some great finds to make any new kitty feel welcome and ease the transition for you too.

1. A Realistic Cat Tree

This amazing cat tree from My Three Cats & Co. looks like a real tree and is certain to delight your kitty!  Like other cat trees, this one has multi level perches for climbing, but CatHaven’s™ green leafy foliage sets it apart, creating wonderful privacy areas that your cat will love. The tree is handcrafted with soft, silky realistic looking leaves, a sturdy turf base and three perfectly spaced durable, comfortable carpeted perches.  Buy it here.


2. A Stylish Litter Box

Looking for an easy to use litter box for your cat that also looks great in your home?  Kitangle has just what you’re looking for. Check out their new USA made products here => Shop Kitangle and get 10% OFF with code SUMMERKIT until July 15, 2018 at their Etsy store.


3. A Crochet Cat Blanket

What cat wouldn’t want their own cuddly blanket. Critter Crafting cat mats are oh so warm and comfy, and each is handmade with machine washable yarn that only gets softer with use and wear. Cat mats vary in size, but are generally somewhere around 12 inches by 14 inches, making them ideal for cat trees, couches, chairs, pet carriers, or wherever your kitty friend loves to lounge.  Buy them here.


4. A Cool Cardboard Play Box

These delightful designer cardboard boxes from Kitty Cardboard are the PURR-FECT way to spoil your cat with a new stylish box for every season. Made from the highest quality eco and pet friendly materials they add a modern touch to your home and fulfill your cat’s needs for box play! As cat say …”It’s all about the box!”  Get 20% OFF with code ADOPTDONTSHOP until July 15, 2018.  Buy them here.


5. A Cat Pizza Toy

Forget the Mice & Grab a Slice!  The Easyology Pets Cat Pizza Toy comes complete with a pizza box, one super soft plush round pizza, and five crazy catnip-filled ingredient characters including Tom The Tomato, Chester Cheese, Pete The Pepperoni, Molly The Mushroom, and Ollie The Onion!  It’s Pizza for Cats – Only Better!  Buy it here.


6. An Interactive Puzzle Toy & Feeder

Cat Amazing is the award-winning interactive puzzle toy & feeder with three difficulty levels that keep challenging clever cats as their skills improve! It’s vet recommended and furball-favorite! A portion of all proceeds goes to fund Cat Amazing’s Shelter & Rescue Enrichment Program, which gives the gift of play to kitties in need! Promotion 10% OFF on Amazon with discount code PURRFECT10 until July 15, 2018. Buy it here.


7. A Cat Hammock

Habitat Haven offers a line of classic and cool cat hammocks called their HangTime™ collection. Designed to provide your cat with hours of comfort and enjoyment both indoors or out, they come in a variety of solid or colorful prints that comfortably hold cats large and small.  Available in four sizes: 2’, 3’, 4’ and a corner hammock, the hammocks are made from sturdy fade-resistant waterproof fabric with drain holes for carefree outdoor use. Buy them here.


8. A Decorative Ceramic Water Fountain

Thirsty Cat Fountains manufacture the highest quality, handmade ceramic cat fountains recommended by veterinarians across the globe. Health For Your Cat, Beauty For Your Home. Use the coupon code ‘Purrington’ for 10% off all non-sale items. View the Collection.


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9. Organic Catnip

For cats that enjoy the ‘nip, they’ll be sure to love Meowijuana‘s 100% organic catnip. Their legendary catnip is grown in Southern California and Washington State and is of the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today. Special Offer – use promo code ‘FREETEE’ with any purchase of $9.95 or more and select a T-Shirt and you’ll receive customer a credit of $14.95.  Buy it here.


10. Bouncy Wiggly Balls

Don’t you wish you had more ways to keep your cat active, engaged, and entertained? Choose your cat’s favorite from Dezi & Roo’s collection of Wiggly Ping, Pong, or Balls.  Each brings a different dimension of play but all have the realistic, life-like, tail that moves like real prey. Mix or match and let your cat experience the fun of batting, running, chasing, and pouncing while you sit back and enjoy watching them hunt and play. Pick up a few of your favorite Wigglys.  Buy them here.


11. A Wine & Cheese Catnip Toy Set

Wine and Cheese Cat Toy Set by Munchiecat is made with ultra-sofy minky fabrics to satisfy your feline’s playful yet sophisticated side. Filled with catnip, this set includes toys that crinkle and jingle to stimulate your cat for hours. Buy it here.


12. A Cat Backpack

Meet the future of cat carriers — and you wear them on your back. Many adventurer cat owners say their felines are comfortable snuggling up inside their day packs or nestling atop them, but there are a variety of backpacks on the market that are designed specifically for cats that provide ventilation, stability, security and a wide viewing range. We happen to love the collection offered by Your Cat Backpack and if you purchase one using discount code ‘purrington you’ll receive $10 off for orders of $50+.  View the Collection.


13. A Shabby Chic Cat Lounger/Bed

We’ve always been big fans of the delightfully creative, comfy and chic cat cottages, chalets, beds and scratchers designed by the talented team at My Four Cats Designs. Check out their cool new shabby chic cat lounger bed. This handcrafted design is made of solid thick pine wood done in white rustic shabby chic style then wax finished. Perfect for 1-2 cats or even 1 small dog (but only if the cats agree). Buy it here.


14. DNA Home Test Kit

This gift idea is for cat owners…have you ever wished you could find out about your cat’s ancestry and ultimately their health and habits? Now you can! Introducing the first ever DNA Test for Cats from Basepaws. It helps you to know your cat, inside & out, including ancestry, relations to other felines, cat care and more! This one simple test will unearth a lifetime of discovery.  On special now until July 4th, 2018 – get $20 OFF with discount code ‘purpost4july’ at checkout.  Order your Cat DNA Kit.


15. Clicker Training School

Oh the things you can teach your new kitty! Why not enroll in Cat School’s FREE 7-day Cat Training Crash Course called Clicking With Your Cat. In this course you’ll earn to use the clicker and food to train your cat and learn some fun and practical behaviors such as – Come, Finger target, Jump through Arms, Fist bump and Wave. Start enriching your cat’s life with clicker training. We mention that it’s FREE…right?  What are you waiting for?  Sign up here.



We hope these gift ideas will inspire you to spoil your new (or existing) cat. Let’s follow the inimitable words of T.S. Eliot but take the dish of cream option up a few notches!

Before a cat will condescend
To treat you as a trusted friend,
Some little token of esteem
Is needed, like a dish of cream.
~T.S. Eliot


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