9 Fascinating Facts About Cat Paws

Have you ever really looked closely at your cat’s paws?  If so, you’ll discover that they truly are quite amazing. Those adorable little “fur-feet” are used to communicate, check out the environment, temperature, hunt, and groom.  Paws help kitty regulate her body temperature and are the all important shock absorbers when landing. The rear paws are very muscular and are used to propel your cat to new heights.

Your cat’s paws are adapted to climbing and jumping, walking and running, and have protractible claws for self-defense and hunting.  Cats have five toes in each of their front paws but only four in their hind paws. The innermost toes on the front paws function just like a human thumb when grasping objects.

Did you know that the paws are the most sensitive part of a cat’s body, and the velvet-soft pads are perfectly designed for many different uses.

Keep reading for 9 fascinating facts about your cat’s paws:




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