The Magic Healing Power of Cat Purrs


The power of a cat’s purr can be pure magic. Cats have evolved to be multi-functional creatures, and purring is one of their survival mechanism. Scratching marks territories, communicates conflicted feelings, and maintains claw health. Whiskers broadcast moods, feel wind directions, and help cats navigate. Purring helps newborns kittens survive, promotes kitty and owner healing, and is also a communication tool.

If you own a cat, you know that their purrs have the ability to soothe away hurts and anxieties and quickly help ease a bad mood. Cats have the ability to be more than just cute and funny little furry things; they are some of the most powerful healers out there. Talk to cat lovers and the evidence points to the fact that a cat’s purr actually heals and eases their owner’s pains.  Although scientists debate the exact mechanism, one theory is that a cat’s purr is produced through a combination of the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles, plus their neural oscillator.  Another common theory suggests that these lovely purrs are produced by their hyoid bone which located between the skull and the larynx.  Read more here on understanding Cat Language and Behavior

Wherever purrs comes from, a study by Elizabeth von Muggenthaler (a bio-acoustics specialist at Fauna Communications Research Institute in North Carolina), showed that the sound of cat’s purr is within the frequency range of 25 to 40 cycles per second or Hertz(Hz).  Exposure to 20 to 50 Hz frequencies has been demonstrated to increases bone density, relieve pain, and even heal muscles.

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So cats truly are natural healers (and you thought they were just cuddly, fuzzy companions!).

Scientific results do indicate that despite size and different genetics, all cats have a very strong purr rates falling well within the range of therapeutic frequencies.

Following are 9 reasons why cats purrs are so therapeutic….



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