9 Fascinating Facts About Cat Paws

#9.  Cats paws are very flexible

Paws can bend and turn to help kitties climb trees and hunt for mice. Cats are great tree climbers because their front paws turn inward to sink their sharp claws into branches. Paws help cats maintain stability.


Ever wonder why cats get stuck in trees?  Cat’s front paws face the wrong direction for a head-first downward climb. Their front legs and paws are weaker than their muscular back legs so it’s too hard for a kitty to back down a tree, so instead they usually choose to sit on a branch until someone rescues them.

Take care of your awesome feline friend and watch for any signs of irritated paws. Long hair can become trapped between a cat’s toes which in turn traps litter granules, debris, and moisture. Watch out for plasma cell pododermatitis which is an autoimmune illness caused by an allergic reaction. Take care of your cat’s paws if their pads are swollen, soft, bleeding, ulcerated or scaly.  If kitty will let you, check paws at least once a week or more often if you suspect a problem. If in doubt, visit your vet.

In the meantime, if you have one in your neighborhood then why not check out a cat cafe and see these amazing felines interact in a unique and wonderful environment.

Does your cat have interesting or unusually colored paw pads?  Drop us a comment below or send us a photo and we’ll share with our readers.




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