9 Fascinating Facts About Cat Paws

#1.  Your cat feels vibrations, and gravity through their paws

A kitty’s paws are highly sensitive.  Try and fiddle around with your cat’s paws and you might find yourself scratched or kitty may just up and run away. Their paw pads contain large concentrations of nerve receptors.

These receptors provide balance for your kitty but are also hunting aids. Cats feel the texture of the ground, vibrations, and gravity through their paws. These sensations help them evaluate their prey and stay in balance. Felines knead against soft objects when they are happy and satisfied. Their sensitive paws also test for safety, temperature and texture.

#2.  Your Cat walks tiptoed

Bet you didn’t know that your cat walks tiptoed.  In fact, they run through their busy lives on their tippy toes. This means your cat is a digitigrade or an animal who stands and walks on its digits or toes.

Walking and running on their toes gives them that burst of speed and lengthens their stride. Cats are quieter on their toes which gives them an advantage when hunting.




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