Does Your Cat Vomit Frequently?

Cat Grass to save the day

Reduce your cat’s desire to chew on plants that are not good for them by supplying them with a plant that is safe and beneficial to eat.

Catnip doesn’t just come inside cat toys; you can grow it in small pots at home. Cats also enjoy Valerian, which can help them sleep. Some cats eat these two plants too quickly, but you can keep your kitty occupied with grasses such as rye or cat grass, which you can find at most pet stores. Herbs such as parsley and thyme produce pleasant fragrances as your cat chews the leaves.

These are among the common non-illness related reasons why your cat could be vomiting. It should go without saying that if you have major concerns about the health or well being of your cat, to address your veterinarian, but use these tips will help guide you through some of the basic trouble shooting.

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