Does Your Cat Vomit Frequently?


Here’s what we recommend:

Buy better food

Would you want to eat the scraps taken up off the floor of the meat processing plant? Neither does your cat, and just like you, your cat deserves food that doesn’t cause them to become ill.  Buy the best quality food that you can afford as it will make a difference to kitty’s ability to digest.

Be ready to get tricky

As we mentioned previously, one of the common causes of allergies in cats is repeatedly eating the same food. Unfortunately, most at owners know that cats can be very stubborn when it comes to their favorite foods. In order to convince them to switch, you might need to be tricky. There are many helpful tips online as to how to switch your cat over to a new type of nutritional source.

Segregate meal time

If your cats have too much competition at meal time, they will over eat and eat too quickly. To help avoid them, segregate your cats into multiple rooms with their own dish in order to encourage them to focus on just their meal and not battling it out to eat as much as possible with their other furry family members.

Slow down meal time

If you have a solo cat that just eats too much in too short amount of time, start to slow down their meals by limiting the amount of food you place out at a time. This might require you to feed them more often, but it will save your time cleaning throw up.

Keep on a routine

Your cat’s body knows it’s routine, and their body produces the acids and the enzymes needed to breakdown their food appropriately and at the time they are used to. If this doesn’t happen, they are likely to vomit, and add a side of white foam. Keeping to their schedule will reduce this.

Keep your cat brushed and well groomed

The less loose hair they have on their body, the less chance that there will be a hairball to ruin both of your days.

Oh, and did we mention to keep kitty’s water bowl clean and fresh?  Sometimes they do get thirsty and when their drinking bowl is empty…

Our final recommendation on the next page may surprise you, but it’s actually very effective…




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