The Magic Healing Power of Cat Purrs

So listen carefully the next time your cat purrs. It might just be providing you with some healing benefits.

It has be said that a cat’s purr is really an energetic massage to help restore the body. You could also say that loving a cat and a cat loving you back is the perfect combination.

The infographic below provides a good visual summary of the healing power of these magnificent creatures!

Cat Pur Infograph

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Here’s a quick summary of the benefits from those wonderful soothing purrs:

  1. A cat’s purr can actually help you live longer – purrs promote healing and reduce stress hence improving longevity.
  2. The sound range of a cat’s purr can help you heal from infections, broken bones, and muscle injuries. The next time you are hurting or just plain tired, skip the hot pads and put a happy cat on your lap.
  3. Your cat’s purrs seem to cut down on the effects of dyspnea or difficulty breathing {of course this won’t happen if you are allergic to cats}.
  4. Cats have been deified for thousands of years for their miraculous ability to survive, resist harm, and be able to land on their feet. Cats in ancient times commonly received admiration and were held in great esteem. Your cat has the ability to be self-healing. This might explain why cats are credited with having nine lives.  Studies bring evidence to the forefront that a cat’s purr actually regenerates their body plus fortifies if for recuperation. The purr accelerates the healing of a cat’s bones and organs and increases the density of bones in the process. What is the conclusion? Cats purr when they are content, when they are helping you, and when wounded, frightened or giving birth. A kitty’s purr plays a role as a survival mechanism.
  5. If you own a cat you might just have less stress in your life. Again, scientific studies claim that pet owners versus non-pet owners have few stress symptoms. Cats are first in relieving stress in their owners, and dogs come in a close second.
  6. In studies conducted by the University of Minnesota, it was found that just owning a cat is good for your heart. Researchers found that those who did not own a cat were 40% more likely to have a heart attack than cat owners. This is due to a cat’s ability to heal your stress.
  7. Purring is a necessary ingredient for the survival of newborn kittens. Kittens are born deaf and blind, but they do feel purring vibrations. These lovely vibrations are homing devices, and help a newborn return to the warmth of mommy kitty’s body and their dinner. A mother cat purrs when giving birth. Purring helps the moms release endorphins that reduce the pain of birth.
  8. Purring may keep cats safe from predators. When a cat is purring it is communicating. Purrs are almost silent and are not heard by stalking enemies.


Feeling stressed? Go hug your cat!  Did you ever have an experience when your cat’s purring healed you?

Even science agrees…check out our post called:  Want to be Healthier & Happier? Science says…Get a Cat!


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