SiftEase – A Clever New Litterbox Solution

Over the years we’ve seen a LOT of unique innovations aimed at simplifying the all too unpleasant task of cleaning the litter box. They range from high end fully automated electronic units to scoop free self-cleaning units to multi-tray sifting units right down to fully disposable limited use litter boxes.

There are dozens of variations in between, but here’s a very clever and cost effective design that caught our eye. It’s called SiftEase and it eliminates the need for scooping.

You simply pour the contents of the dirty litter box into SiftEase; waste stays in the upper sifting basket while clean litter passes through to the bin below. Then lift the basket and dispose of waste all at once in a bin or bag.

Once done you pour the clean litter back into the box. No more litter scatter mess or painful bending over to scoop.

SiftEase allows you to clean the litter box faster which makes it especially practical for homes with multiple litter boxes.

Check the video below and see for yourself just how easy it is to use:

Instead of scooping or sifting, cleaning the litter box is now as easy as pouring the nasty out and the clean litter back in. And because clean litter doesn’t smell, you’ll be able to use the same litter much longer saving you both time and money.

Having tried it ourselves, it’s really practical, easy to use and works great! Much easier (and certainly more pleasant) than scooping. The economics of maximizing litter usage make it a smart choice – in fact the makers claim it will actually pay for itself in only a month of use. That got our attention. Be sure to check it out.

Learn more about SiftEase here => Clean Litter Club

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