Cozy Eco-Friendly Cat Caves

We were recently introduced to a company called Meowfia who hand make these very attractive and comfy felt cat caves from 100% merino wool using a very unique method called wet felting.

Merino wool from New Zealand is known for being soft and flexible, and it naturally repels odor, dirt, and stains.  Not that our cats would ever think of staining or making dirty any of their favorite hangouts.  >^..^<

These caves are eco-friendly and completely safe since no chemicals or glues are used to make them, just soap, water, and pressure that causes the wool to felt.  The wet felting technique they use creates a very dense fabric which is then hand-molded into a cave without the use of any synthetic fabrics.  This is important to us as the health of our fur-babies is paramount.

Each pod is a single unit made without any stitches which is why the Meowfia team guarantee that it will not fall apart.  For the patterned caves, they embroider the designs with colored felt wool using needle felting.  This ensures a very well made and sturdy cave suitable for any wannabe cat super-hero!

Their motto is that each cave is individually made with love…that’s music to our ears.  Besides who’s gonna argue with the Meowfia! Fuggedaboutit!

They can be used indoors or out providing warmth when it’s cold and protection from the sun on hot days.  Just like cardboard boxes, most cats love these pods.  And for times when they don’t want to cuddle inside, these pods can also be used as a comfy padded mat.

The 7 inch wide opening is purrfect for all sizes of cats and each cave is designed to comfortably accommodate a feline as large as 20 lbs (dogs too).

Got multiple cats?  Some will gladly share a pod but why not get them their very own!  They’re even great for a clowder of kittens.  Now how fun would that be to photograph all those kittens snuggled together inside?

Cleaning is easy done by wiping dirt with a clean, dry cloth or soft sponge with water and soap (not hot water).  If washing is required,  a gentle hand wash in cool water with wool cleaner and then simply air dried.  The washing machine is not an option, but one of the easiest ways to clean off accumulated hair is simply to run a lint brush over it.

These cute felted cat condos are not only stylish and cozy but they are fashionably neutral and won’t clash with the decor in your home.

If your kitty isn’t getting as much lap time as she would like, you might want to consider a new snuggle bed to keep her toasty when your lap isn’t readily available.

How to Order

You can purchase Meowfia cat beds directly from their Amazon site (links below):

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