The Secret Life of Lilykins

We wanted to share a delightful new children’s book called The Secret Life of Lilykins.  On the surface, Lilykins lives the life of a typical house cat, but secretly she has another life – a secret life – that transports her to a world of incredible adventures.  This debut children’s book is a story filled with animals, adventure, and absurdity. But at its core, it’s a story about the power of imagination.

In twenty-six bright, beautifully illustrated pages, The Secret Life of Lilykins reveals to readers, through fun rhyming verse, the fantastical world of its feline protagonist. From hunting a “plain old pigeon, small and mild” who “turned into something else quite wild!” to lording over her couch cushion queendom and striking up conversation with her window perch pal, Mr. Squirrel.

Lilykins is a clever, creative, and enchanting kitty who parents and children will delight in telling the tale of, time and time again. The photo below is Max’s cat Lily, …the cat who Lilykins is based on.  >^..^<

“As children, we’re given the gift of a wild, fanciful imagination,” says Goodman. “As we grow up and become more self-conscious, we self-edit out of fear that others will judge us and our ideas. The Secret Life of Lilykins celebrates the uninhibited creativity of children, and encourages kids to keep dreaming and exploring the vast world of their imagination.”

The photo below is the cartoon version of Lilykin’s half brother (Charlie) and the author (Max – top) and illustrator (Erik Mace).

“Lilykins is all about being authentic,” Goodman continues, “even if that means standing out and being perceived as an oddball sometimes!”

A truly unique, undeniably entertaining addition to the contemporary children’s fiction market, The Secret Life of Lilykins highlights:

  • Diversity in children’s storytelling: Lilykins and her cat brother, Charlie, have two dads, Max and Patrick
  • Environmental awareness: “We all live on this great green earth, so we all should treat it right!”
  • The power of imagination in shaping our reality: “When life slows down or gets dull / I simply close my eyes / And set off on a new adventure / With no limit but the skies”
  • Gratitude for the simple things, and delighting in all of the wonder the world has to offer

The Secret Life of Lilykins is currently available in paperback via Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace, and in both paperback and Kindle editions via Amazon.


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