Hilarious Contrasts in Feline vs. Human Views of the World!

In the timeless debate of cats versus humans, one question remains: how do our furry feline friends perceive the world around them compared to us mere mortals? From their lofty perches atop bookshelves to their leisurely lounging sessions in sunlit windowsills, cats seem to navigate life with an air of aloofness and mystique that leaves us humans scratching our heads in wonder.

Recently we published a post called “Inside the Mind of a Cat” and received some very interesting feedback along with entertaining comments about the odd behavior of some reader’s cats. So we thought it might be fun to try and guess what our cats are thinking in certain situations.

To that end we decided to have a little fun, and come up with a variety of day-to-day activities that most of our cats experience, but with a humorous comparison of our own and our cat’s viewpoint on each.

We used one of our own family cats as the protagonist (Sloane – a beautiful grey Scottish Fold) whose personality fits perfectly to these feline view points. Here’s our take illustrated in memes:

As fellow cat enthusiasts we hope you enjoyed this funny whimsical look into feline perception, uncovering the delightful disparities between how cats see the world and how we humans perceive it.

Please drop a comment below, or send us an email with your suggestions for more memes like those above. If we pick your suggestion we’ll create an image and credit you! Look forward to your comments.


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