If Cats Ruled the World: A Whisker Away From World Domination

In an alternate universe, where scratching posts reign supreme and the scent of catnip permeates the air, there exists a world where the phrase “If cats ruled the world” is not just a hypothetical musing, but a purr-fect reality.

Welcome to the Feline Empire, where the land is ruled by the whims of our feline overlords.

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Picture this: a world where cats are in charge. It’d be a mix of chaos and charm, with plenty of fluffy antics to keep us entertained. Let’s take a light-hearted stroll through this imaginary realm and see just how things might shape up if our feline friends called the shots.

We had some fun and pondered how our lives might be different … hope you enjoy!


First off, diplomacy would get a major makeover. No more stuffy meetings and serious negotiations; instead, leaders would gather in cozy cat cafes for some laid-back discussions over bowls of cream. Forget about shaking hands – it’s all about rubbing noses and exchanging whisker twitches.

Timekeeping would take a backseat to feline whims. Meetings? They’d happen in Cat Cafes, and only whenever the mood strikes, which could mean mid-nap or during a spirited game of chase-the-laser-pointer. And deadlines? Well, those would be more like guidelines, because who can resist a good sunbeam snooze?

In this world, every decision, every policy, and every law is dictated by the desires of our furry companions. No longer are humans the dominant species; instead, we find ourselves at the mercy of our whiskered rulers, who have graciously allowed us to serve them in exchange for the occasional chin scratch.


Upon entering the Feline Empire, one is immediately struck by the opulent grandeur of the architecture. Gone are the bland, uninspired buildings of human civilization; in their place stand towering structures adorned with scratching posts and adorned with images of majestic cats. The streets are lined with cat trees, and every corner boasts a fountain filled with the finest artisanal catnip-infused water.

Public transport? How about giant laser pointers that whisk you away to your destination with a flick of the wrist? It’s the purr-fect way to get around town.


Of course, the governance of the Feline Empire is not without its challenges. Political intrigue runs rampant in the halls of power, as various factions vie for the favor of the ruling class. The Tabby Party and the Siamese Syndicate engage in endless debates over matters of state, while the Persian Aristocracy looks on with disdain, secure in their position of privilege.

But despite the occasional power struggle, life in the Feline Empire is, for the most part, blissfully carefree. Under the benevolent rule of our furry overlords, the economy thrives, unemployment is non-existent (unless you count the occasional catnap), and the national pastime consists of chasing laser pointers and batting at dangling strings.

As to territorial diplomacy, in the Feline Empire there is a delicate dance of territory marking and mutual grooming. Treaties are forged over cans of tuna and treaties are sealed with a head bump and a contented purr. Of course, there are occasional disputes, but these are usually resolved with a quick swat of the paw or a hissed warning, leaving the offending party in no doubt as to who holds the true power in this world.


Education in the Feline Empire is, naturally, focused on the art of the hunt. Kittens are taught the finer points of stalking prey from an early age, honing their instincts and reflexes until they are ready to join the ranks of the elite hunters who patrol the borders of the empire, ensuring its safety from would-be invaders (or, more likely, the neighbor’s dog).

Education would be a lot less stuffy in a world run by cats. Kittens would attend “purr-schools,” where they’d learn the essentials of cat life, like the art of purring and the proper technique for a perfect pounce. Graduation ceremonies would be a riot of whisker wiggles and tail flicks, with plenty of catnip for all.


In the illustrious Feline Empire, where cats reign supreme, the economy purrs along to a rather unique rhythm. The primary currency? Not gold, not silver, but the ever-precious Catnip Coin – a currency that fluctuates in value depending on the season and the quality of the catnip harvest. Stock markets are replaced with ‘Sock Markets’, bustling centers where the latest in laser pointers, plush mice, and scratching posts are aggressively traded. The most successful traders are those with the quickest paws and sharpest claws, able to swipe a deal at a moment’s notice. Every financial quarter is marked not by reports and balance sheets, but by grand festivals celebrating the most prosperous of felines, who are ceremoniously adorned with the finest collars embedded with jingling bells, a symbol of their economic prowess.

In this furry financial world, the GDP (Gross Domestic Purring) is a key indicator of the nation’s wealth, measured by the collective purring of its citizens. A high GDP indicates a content and prosperous feline society, while a low GDP is cause for alarm – usually remedied by mass distribution of cardboard boxes and feather wands. Banks operate on a napping schedule, with tellers taking frequent catnaps, ensuring they are well-rested to handle the high-stakes world of feline finance. Loans are offered in sardines with a modest interest rate, often leading to heated negotiations filled with hisses and meows. The Feline Empire’s economy is a fascinating blend of cuteness and chaos, running on a curious mix of cat logic and economic principles, where every transaction is a paw-shake and every investment a leap of faith onto the nearest sunny windowsill.

Social Interaction

As for the humans who inhabit the Feline Empire, life is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, we are provided with food, shelter, and the occasional moment of affection from our feline overlords. On the other hand, we are expected to cater to their every whim, from scooping litter boxes to providing belly rubs on demand.

But despite the occasional inconvenience, life in the Feline Empire is far preferable to the chaos and uncertainty of the human world. After all, who needs politics and wars when you can spend your days basking in the warm glow of a sunbeam, or chasing shadows across the floor?

Image credit: above photo courtesy of DepositPhotos


In a world governed by the sophisticated whiskers and sharp claws of the feline kind, the bustling marketplace is a sight to behold, a center of commerce where treats aren’t just commodities, but the very currency that keeps the economy purring. Welcome to the Meow Market, the Wall Street of the Feline Empire, where the air is filled with the scents of gourmet fish, dried catnip, and artisanal milk.

The main thoroughfare is lined with stalls, each one a cacophony of meows and purrs. Here, the savvy cat merchants haggle over the price of tuna flakes, sardine crisps, and the rarest of all – the Himalayan silver vine, a treat so potent it can buy a mansion in the prestigious Catnip Hills. At one stall, a Siamese in a monocle examines a batch of organic catnip, sniffing haughtily before pawing out a few silver whiskers – the equivalent of a hundred-dollar bill. Nearby, a street vendor with a patchwork coat entices passersby with a tray of freshly baked cat biscuits, her purring customers flicking their tails in anticipation, their collars jingling with treat coins.

In the Meow Market, the exchange rate is ever-fluctuating. A plump mouse toy might go for ten treat coins today, but only five tomorrow, depending on the whims of the market’s feline overlords. The most prestigious traders, known as the Fat Cats, sit atop plush cushions in the market’s center, surrounded by mountains of treats, overseeing transactions with a keen eye. Their decisions can cause a market surge or crash, often based on nothing more than a whim or a sudden desire for a midday nap.


And so, as we gaze out upon the world from our perch atop the highest cat tree, let us give thanks for the wisdom and benevolence of our feline overlords. For in the Feline Empire, all is right with the world, and we are but humble servants in their magnificent kingdom.

The next time you find yourself pondering the age-old question of “If cats ruled the world,” just remember: in the Feline Empire, that dream is very much a reality. And it’s a purr-fectly wonderful place to be.

Image credit: above photo courtesy of DepositPhotos

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