Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

For this year’s Father’s Day Gift Guide we curated a selection of 14 unique and interesting gifts to delight every kind of cat loving dad – even those who say they don’t need a thing. To all you wonderful cat dads (and your feline counterparts) … we salute you!  >^..^<

We’re hoping these gift ideas for dad (and/or his cat) will celebrate them with sentiment and style!

1. Catitude Mug & Catnip Toy Pack

Bring a grin to Dad’s face with these cat inspired gifts. Catitude Mood Mug tells it like it is, from a cat’s perspective.  14 oz. ceramic coffee mug comes in a clever gift box.  My Cat’s Balls (catnip toy pack) will be a hit with his cats — and no doubt elicit some chuckles. Special Offer:  Complimentary gift wrap and 12% OFF, with code PURRINGTON12. Buy them here: Mood Mug & Cat’s Balls.


2.  Cat Daddy Bundle from Meowijuana

The purrr-fect gift for the Cat Daddy in your life. Get 15% OFF the Cat Daddy Bundle plus FREE SHIPPING! Order before 6/11 to receive before Father’s Day.  Buy it here.


3.  The Rescue Chronicles Quartet

Every cat dad loves a good rescue story, and author Linda J Wright has four great tales for you. The Rescue Chronicles Quartet contains four heartwarming tales of rescue: The Cat Who Came For Christmas, The Cat Who Wasn’t There, The Cat Who Had Ten Lives, and The Cat Who Ordered Fish Burgers. Buy them here.


4.  RompiCatz Japanese Mylar Toys

These uniquely Japanese designs from RompiCatz incorporate rustling mylar sounds, and the iridescent fluttering wings create enticing movements that cats/kittens love to play! Get 10% discount (excluding kits which are already discounted) with coupon code PURR10. Valid June 20 – July 20. Buy them here.


5.  The WOpet Automatic Feeder

The WOpet Boost 7L Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder comes with voice recording will be the perfect Father’s Day gift for cat (an dog) lovers. It can be programed up to 4 meals a day of different portion sizes, which ensures fresh meals for your fur babies whether you’re working late or away for a night. Right now get 18% OFF with coupon code WOPETSALE18 at checkout. Order yours here.


6. Smalls Cat Food

Give your feline friend protein-packed meals they’ll crave with Smalls. Smalls develops complete and balanced recipes for all life stages with leading cat nutritionists. Starting with human-grade ingredients, Smalls recipes are gently cooked to lock in protein, vitamins, minerals, and moisture. No room for fillers, no need for flavoring. Better quality ingredients mean a better, healthier life for your cat. Since switching to Smalls, cats have experienced improved digestion (and a less smelly litter box), softer and shinier coats, plus better breath. Use code PURR5 for a total of 30% OFF your first order at checkout. Order it here.


7.  Custom Cat Portraits

The custom cat portraits from CustomBark.com are the ideal gift for Father’s Day! The portraits are timeless gifts and they can be created from any photo of a cat! Buy them here.


8.  Exclusive Artist Series T-Shirts

The Cat Culture Artist Series T-Shirt line has exclusive, limited-edition designs that can only be found on Cat Culture created by diverse independent artists and screen printed in Queens, NY. Support two small businesses at a time when you shop with Cat Culture. Right now get 10% OFF all exclusive Artist Series Cat Culture T-Shirts with code PURR10 through June 30th at 11:59pm ET. Buy them here.


9.  Schroedinger – The Wonder Cat

Written by a quintessential ‘cat dad’, this is the story of fourteen years of living with the world’s most amazing feline. Schroedinger’s antics and the creatures with whom he has interacted are described. Shipping within the USA is FREE. Get it here.


10.  Lego Inspired Cat Model Kits

Got a cat dad who enjoys building with Lego blocks? Then he’ll love these cat model kits with over 100 different styles to choose from. Hours of fun and so many places to display them. Below left – our tuxie (Newman) hanging out with some of his favorites. Buy them here.

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11.  The Assisi Loop & Loop Lounge

Assisi technology allows you to treat your cat’s pain and inflammation in the comfort of home! Choose the Assisi Loop to treat acute conditions, or opt for the Assisi Loop Lounge for nose-to-tail therapy and treatment of chronic conditions. Right now get 15% OFF with code purrington at checkout. Buy them here.


12.  The Wiggly Ball

The Wiggly Ball cat toy brings together realistic “prey” movement and shape into an irresistible bouncy-ball that challenges your cat for hours of fun. Hours of fun running, chasing and jumping after the high-bouncing ball. Swatting, biting and batting at the blended catnip-marinated “tail” getting mesmerized by the life-like corkscrew movement as the ball rolls. Picking up and proudly presenting his “prey”, as your cat would outside Buy them here.

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13.  “The Fat Cat” Backpack by Travel Cat

This international best-seller “The Fat Cat” holds up to 25 lbs of cat. Explore safely beyond the great indoors and spend more time with your cats with our Travel Cat supplies – from cat backpacks to harnesses to portable litter boxes. This woman-owned business ships from Queens NYC with love. Get 10% OFF all Travel Cat bundles with code PURR10 through June 30th at 11:59pm ET. Buy it here.


14. Basepaws At-Home Cat Health Tests

Curious to find out more about your cat’s unique ancestry and begin your own journey of discovery? Get the full scoop in our latest article outlining the latest developments at Basepaws. Order your CatKit (genetic or dental) and for a limited time Purrington Post readers will get $10 OFF their purchase with coupon code PURR at checkout. Here’s to unlocking the secrets of your cat’s unique genetic footprint. Order yours here.



Well that’s our round up of 14 unique, memorable and practical gifts for cat loving dads and their special kitties. Happy Father’s Day!

Credits: IG pictures used in cat dad photo collage (clockwise from top left): @lillmanlulu_luigi_and_co, @iampusspusscat, @jfpd, @stumpy.mcknob, @gregorbeyerlemusic, @eric_and_ollie_

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