A Candid Inter-Mew with Artemis & Apollo

Our sources in the catasphere told us about a photo comic-book in development starring internet celebrity cats Artemis and Apollo. Could it be true?  We had to find out so we asked the duo themselves and received this chatty letter from them via @TheMaineCoonLife:

“For a long time, we would wake up in the morning fresh from mysterious a dream. Not about tuna, which is what we normally dream about, but about a book. Our book! A book about us! What did this dream mean? How could there be a book about us? We tried looking through Freud’s Dreams and their Interpretation but it sent us to sleep. And then it clicked: We had to make this book happen! So, we washed the sleep out of our little eyes, thunk some thoughts about it, and decided it would be too difficult. Everyone knows it’s impawsible for cats to write books.

“So we snuggled up in bed and watched Dr Who again. Life is so aimless sometimes. And then Artemis had a brainwave: creating a book would give us a sense of purpose, and would bring excitement into our sleepy little feline lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s impawsible, we’ll do it anyway!

“And then we remembered that hooman has been taking three thousand photographs of our breathtaking adventures. So we started plundering her hard disk drive, seeking the pictures that enable us to tell a narrative like Joseph Campbell’s archetypal tales of the hero and heroine.”

After receiving this letter, we were breathlessly excited to interview them…

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Q: So, Artemis, what heroic acts did you find in Hooman’s photographic archives?

Artemis: Er, well, we didn’t really find too much of the heroic stuff.

Apollo: Well, there was that time when we were costumed superhero vigilantes.

Artemis: That’s right, and we stood on the rooftop, scanning the horizon for super-villains.

Apollo: But we couldn’t find any super-villains in the back gardens of Willesden Green.

Artemis: So we had a nap instead.

Q: Do you have plans for heroic adventures in the future?

Artemis: Not really. By the time we’ve had breakfast, had a midday nap, done some grooming, and patrolled the garden, and had some afternoon tea, it’s time for the late-afternoon snooze, and then Netflix. It’s hard to fit heroic adventures into our packed daily schedule.

Apollo: Silly sausage! Of course we’re going to have a meowrvellous adventure in Scotland.

Artemis: Doing what?

Apollo: Not telling.

Artemis: I’ll bat you on the nose if you try my patience!

Apollo: All right. But it’s a secret. We’re going to look for the Holy Catnip.

Q: How do you know about the Holy Catnip?

Apollo: I saw it in a dream.

Artemis: Give me some tuna! I’m exhausted hearing about Poopy’s daft little dreams!

Apollo: But they can come true! The Kickstarter for our first book is almost 50% funded as of this writing.

Q: You mean you already have a crowdfunding scheme for your first book?

Artemis: Oh, do keep up with the program, Interviewer!

Q: Well, where is it?

Apollo: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/35962654/the-maine-coon-life

Artemis: We made this purrfectly divine video of me leading the book design process.

Apollo: Eh? It’s a team effort, sis!

Artemis: Yes, well, ginger-brain did his bit as well.

Q: And when do you expect it to be complete?

Apollo: 25th May. So if any of your readers want to get a piece of the action, they’d better get their little paws on the keyboard. Go to that web site and put in a pledge to get the book!

Q: So, let me get this straight, you’re planning two books?

Apollo: Yes, but the second one is Top Secret!

Artemis: Don’t be so daft! How can you publish a secret book?

Apollo: It won’t be secret when it’s under way. But we mustn’t say too much yet in case someone else finds the Holy Catnip first.

Artemis: There is no Holy Catnip, dope! It’s just a legend!#

Apollo: No, no, no, I dreamed about it. And ginger Maine Coons’ dreams have a habit of coming true!

Q: Kinda like the first book?

Artemis: Absolutely! Can you believe it? Almost a third of the funding in just three days!

Q: That’s pawesome! What’s the first book called?

Artemis: The Maine Coon Life!

Apollo: It’s all about us. 120 breathtaking pictures of our adventures.

Artemis: Most of the pictures are actually about me. Sometimes with the ginger trouble-maker photo-bombing.

Apollo: It’s about both of us! We’re a team!

Q: And the second book?

Apollo: It’s top secret.

Q: Top Secret is a funny title.

Artemis: He means he hasn’t thought of the title yet. But it sounds like it has something to do with catnip. Holy or otherwise.

Well, good luck with your publishing projects! And I was just looking at the Kickstart page now, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/35962654/the-maine-coon-life, and I see there are all sorts of rewards as well – calendars and postcards as well as the book itself.

Good gosh, We’re going to sign up for it right meow!

Want to learn more about this delightful duo? Read our 2017 post called Meet Artemis and Apollo.



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