Please Don’t Go in the Dryer!

We recently found this adorable and entertaining storybook for the young and young at heart called, Please Don’t Go in the Dryer!

It’s a purrfect read for this holiday season. And fear not, no cats were harmed in the making of this book!

Young readers (and their parents) will laugh out loud at this whimsical cautionary tale about a cute, mischievous kitten and its overly imaginative owner.

The delightful, easy-to-read text and brilliant illustrations will make this a “read it again!” favorite.

Oh – and be sure to watch out for the sock monster in the middle!

You can order it on Amazon here => Please Don’t Go in the Dryer!

Author Bio

Judy Lea has been writing songs since she was 9. She won her first guitar in a jiving contest at the age of 15 and has been playing ever since. Ms. Lea currently uses her songwriting and arranging abilities teaching music in the public school system. She’s always been an environmentalist, even before it was ‘cool’, and a cat-lover, of course! A lot of her songs have lyrics that talk about caring for the Earth and all of its creatures. Learn more about Judy here.

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