Tuxedo Cat Lego Kits

A few months ago we did a post called Lego of My Cat! where we launched a contest with a company called JEKCA, who make the most delightful Lego inspired cat models.

The response was so positive from our readers that the company has expanded their cat portfolio and introduced these two styles of Tuxedo Cats (below). We  just had to share the news for those of you wanting to build-a-tuxie of your own.  >^..^<

*Special offer…Purrington Post readers who purchase receive a 10% DISCOUNT on checkout when they use code: purrington

To purchase simply click on either the image below or this link => BUY a TUXEDO CAT KIT


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There’s also a similar model (below)…it’s categorized as a Black & White cat (but we prefer inverse tuxie).

To purchase this kit style, simply click on either the image below or this link => BUY a BLACK & WHITE CAT KIT  (don’t forget to use coupon code: purrington)



More Cat Breeds in Lego Style Kits

Want to see the other cat kits available?  Here’s the full collection of cat kit models => VIEW COMPLETE CAT KIT CATALOG

Still Need More Tuxie Love?

Check out our post called ‘A Tribute to Tuxies and their ‘Tuxitude


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