10 Pawsome Gifts for Cat Lovers (2017)

Let’s face it we love our cats!  Valentine’s Day 2017 isn’t the only time to remind them (and ourselves) of just how much we’re feline that love! Why not consider an ‘anytime…just because I Love You’ gift!

We did our annual scouring both on and off the inter-web to curate our latest selection of the 10 thoughtful and unique Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers.  Much as these gifts are genuine ways of expressing our love, we still feel that the greatest gift you can give a cat is a loving home. There are so many shelter cats needing homes and we wanted to applaud those who choose the ultimate gift of love and adopt a cat in need.

So without further ado, here’s our list in no purr-ticular order for those special cats you adore and the people who obey them!  >^..^<

1.  Cat Canoe by The Cat Ball

The Cat Canoe is made with thick and flexible materials that will give your kitty ultimate comfort while taking land-based naps.  For Valentine’s Day, we adore the special edition Cat Canoe with two little deer in love. Look at the detail photos, and you will see that this pair of deer share a little heart! The background color is a light blue, and the lining is multi colored stripes. These fabrics are 100% cotton.

The soft components flex around the cat, cupping her in a warm and comfortable nest. Cats often rest their chins on the edge, and the flexibility of the materials allow them to curl up, sleep sideways or stretch out. The Cat Canoe is about 20″ long and about 8″ wide.

Buy the Valentine Deer Cat Canoe here

Price: $ 29.95


2.  Katmint Variety Pack by Koop Brand

This gift set by Koop includes a one month supply of each of their four most popular Katmint™ Herbal Blends, all for one great price. This set is the perfect gift for the cat lovers in your family!

Along with the unique gift box this variety pack includes:

1 Month Supply Full Bud Catnip
1 Month Supply Leaf & Flake
1 Month Supply Valerian Root Blend
1 Month Supply Silver Vine Blend

Koop brand Katmint herbals are all USDA Certified Organic that come from local farmers in Washington State and Nebraska.

Buy the Katmint Variety Pack by Koop Brand here

Price: $29.99


3. Modular Cat Toy Boxes by Cat Love Box

We certainly don’t need to tell you how much cats love boxes!  These delightful play boxes come in a variety of prints and offer a snug, warm space for your cats to hide in, play, feel safe and sheltered. Your cats will love hanging inside those boxes. This 4 pack modular cat box is constructed with strong corrugated cardboard and is easily assembled. It can be laid out in a variety of different configurations.

We have a Cat Love Box set up in our home and our cats love it!

Buy a Cat Love Box Kit here

Price: $34.99 and up


4. The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher by Feline Innovations

Combining elegance, durability and functionality, this is the last cat scratcher you’ll ever buy!  We particularly love the fun and functional hammock.  Architecturally eye pleasing and made with beautiful wood finishes, it comes with one sisal scratching pad which can be easily replaced with their QuickSnap replacement feature. Classy huh!

The Feline Innovations portfolio will be expanding their retail reach to Amazon and other online retailers soon, so pre-order on their website before February 1st to take advantage of their special discounts.

Pre-Order The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher here

Price: $49.95


5. Boum Miaou Ladies Watch

Let’s not forget to celebrate those very special cat ladies who nurture, love and care for their furrbabies.  Why not do so with this purr-fect watch!  Meaning party in French; Boum styles help do just that! Real cat fashionistas know that accessories are the key to take any outfit from drab to fab. Whether she’s going out; or having a girls night in with her kitties, grab some friends and Boum!  Available in multiple colors and styles. Oh, and to make it even better, $5 for every watch purchased goes to help Milo’s Rescue and Cat Sanctuary.

Buy a Boum Miaou Ladies Cat Watch here

Price: $35.00


6. Interactive Cat Wands by Pet Fit For Life

The Pet Fit For Life portfolio was started based on the principle of keeping our pets healthy and happy. Their cat wands are fun, interactive and designed ways to get our cats moving and keep them active.   The offer replacement attachments and even put catnip on the feathers which the cats love!

Buy Pet Fit For Life Cat Wands here

Price: $7.95 and up


7.  Thirsty Cat Fountains

We’ve done a number of posts covering cat hydration and how many of the health issues to which cats are subject come from not drinking enough water.  Cats are hard-wired to seek moving water because in nature that is what is safest and why so many vets now recommend a cat drinking fountain.  Thirsty Cat Fountains are among the highest quality, most attractive cat drinking fountains worldwide. They are 100% food-safe and as pleasurable to have in your home as they are effective and healthful cat fountains.  Each piece is unique and handmade to combine artistic design that will gracefully complement your home decor.   They create everything from scratch, including their own glazes. Below is just one of so many gorgeous designs that they offer.

Buy a Thirsty Cat Fountain here

Price: Depends on style


8.  Paw Shaped Fragrant Wax Melts by Paw Melts

These intoxicatingly fragrant wax melts are all natural and shaped like cat paws. They are made with 100% organic waxes and create no toxins in the air which could be harmful to your cats unlike many commercial scented candles!  We love the story of how they were inspired. They are available in 19 unique and captivating fragrances.

Buy Paw Melts organic wax melts here

Price: $24.99 (package of 9)


9. Purr-fect Play Pack by Dezi & Roo

This combination kit is a feline favorite!  The Hide and Sneak combines all the things cats love about boxes and bags in one cool toy. Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, kraft paper that crinkles to a cat’s delight, the tunnel also gives them a place to play or retreat out of sight.  The XXL Tickle Pickle is an unbelievable 15 inches of pure pleasure stuffed with organically grown Tipsy Nip catnip. Long enough for cats to bunny kick their way into sheer ecstasy.  The Wiggly Pong or ball toy will bring out the kitten in your cat with balls that rattle and roll with tails that are fuzzy and wiggle purrfectly mimic the small prey cats like to hunt most. Fun to bat around these balls invite cats to play with them.

Buy the Purr-fect Play Pack here

Price: $25.99


10. A Purrsonalized Cat Sketch

Looking for a truly personal and unique gift? Mr. Frans Vischer (a former Disney animator) will create a personalized sketch of your furbaby from a photo you send us. Available in three (3) sketch styles you’ll receive a personalized illustration (5″ x 7″) that is hand drawn (and signed) by Mr. Vischer within 3-5 business days.  Here’s a sample of the B&W version he did for our tuxie.


Order your Purrsonalized Cat Sketch

Price: Starting at only $49.95



Well that’s our round up for 2017 of the Top 10 best gifts for cat lovers.  We based our selection on uniqueness, originality and quality of product.  Happy shopping and of course we wish meow a most memorable Valentine’s day!









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