A New Ancestral Inspired High Protein Cat Food Called CRAVE™

We’re always on the lookout for innovative new cat products and last month we were excited to read about the launch by Mars Petcare of a new brand of high-protein cat food (wet and dry) catering to your feline’s instinctual desires. It’s called CRAVE™

In their Press Release dated July 25, 2017, the company announced that CRAVE™ cat recipes are specifically crafted to nourish our cats through high-protein, meat-first, grain-free recipes – like the diets of their wildcat ancestors. Not only are we fans of this approach, but we also quite like their brand message in the use of the phrase ‘Satisfy their Nature‘.

This new ancestral inspired recipe provides high quality nutrients for a strong, lean body and the energy to chase. Now available at both pet specialty stores and mass retailers at a competitive price, the CRAVE™ brand makes it simple for pet owners to incorporate a high-protein, ancestral diet into their cats’ lives.

The brand promise is simple…high protein, real meat as the #1 ingredient, and no grain.

Every dog and cat shares a connection with their wild ancestors – from their natural behaviors to their nutritional needs,” said Eric Huston, Marketing Director, Mars Petcare.  “What sets the CRAVE™ brand apart is that we’re offering specialty-quality nutrition at a price designed for the masses, making it affordable and convenient for all pet owners to implement a protein-rich diet that satisfies their dog or cat’s inner animal.

The full 2017 CRAVE™ brand portfolio includes 9 unique and deliciously tasty recipes across dry cat and wet cat food. Specifically:

  • CRAVE™ Dry Cat Food: Adult Dry Cat Food With Protein From Chicken; Adult Dry Cat Food With Protein From Salmon & Ocean Fish; Adult Indoor Cat Dry Cat Food With Protein From Chicken & Salmon
  • CRAVE™ Wet Cat Food: Turkey Paté; Chicken Paté, Salmon Paté, Chicken & Beef Paté, Turkey & Duck Paté, Salmon & Trout Paté

Each bag and container of CRAVE™ food is grain free, and includes no chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy protein or artificial flavors and artificial preservatives. We’re giving that a two paws up! >^..^<

The packaging and serving sizes for their soft food selection are intelligent and practical. And again, CRAVE™ recipes are crafted with high-quality animal protein, real meat as the first ingredient and no grains making it an exceptional choice for quality nutrition for your special fur baby.

Check out the video below to hear first hand the CRAVE™ promise.

Did someone say contest/giveaway? Yup! * Contest however, is now closed.

The kind folks at CRAVE™ graciously donated samples for 5 lucky Purrington Post readers to win. Each of these winners received both a wet and dry sample pack of CRAVE™ cat food.

* Contest Closed

This contest ended on September 8th, 2017 and was available to residents of the United States and Canada only. To enter the contest entrants needed to submit a comment in our “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page saying:

My cats name is [insert your cat’s name] He/she shows their wild side whenever…[describe the situation/circumstance when/where your kitty becomes king/queen of the jungle and describe what he/she does that mimics her wildcat ancestors]

Bonus Offer: Entrants got 2 extra entry credits if they submitted a photo or video of their cat acting like their wildcat ancestors and used the phrase ‘Satisfy Their Nature’

The 5 winners were chosen by the CRAVE™ team from all correct entries and contacted by email.

Note: The winners’ emails were provided to the CRAVE™ team in order for them to communicate and send out the samples.

[clickToTweet tweet=”It’s NEW! CRAVE™ Grain Free High Protein Cat Food is based on the Diet of Your Cat’s Wildcat Ancestors. Learn More. ” quote=”It’s NEW! CRAVE™ Grain Free High Protein Cat Food is based on the Diet of Your Cat’s Wildcat Ancestors. Learn More.”]

BUY CRAVE™ Cat Food 

You can purchase CRAVE™ Grain Free High Protein Dry Cat Food and CRAVE™ Grain Free High Protein Wet Cat Food Trays on Amazon using these links. Head to CravePetFoods.com for more information on where to purchase.

About the CRAVE™ Brand
Every dog and cat shares a connection with their ancestors.  To respect the animal inside, Mars Petcare introduced CRAVE™, a new brand of dog and cat food crafted with your pets natural desires in mind. CRAVE™ recipes are crafted with high-quality animal protein, real meat as the first ingredient and no grains. Launched in May, 2017, the brand offers high-quality, specialty products at an affordable price and accessible location. To learn more about the CRAVE™ brand and its protein-rich dog and cat food offerings, please visit Crave Pet Foods


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