5 Purrfectly Friendly Homes on Airbnb

These well known lyrics to a Crosby Stills Nash song seemed so fitting to introduce this post … “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey love the one you’re with.

Just to be clear though, we’re talking about cats, not people!  >^..^<

Recently we’ve done a few posts dealing with cat care while traveling – the most recent being: 7 Tips for Using a Cat Sitter. Those of us who travel know that it’s often not possible to bring your kitties with you, but what if you could stay at a place that had a cat (or maybe several) that you could love up while away from home? Hmmmm….

Well Airbnb has a pawsitively purrfect solution…we spoke with them and they shared with us a post they recently published in celebration of National Pet Day to showcase five of their most popular feline occupied venues.

Here’s what they said:

In the ten years since Airbnb’s beginning, pet-lovers have been welcomed into homes around the world by the unsung heroes of the hosting community. Sophisticated, slightly aloof but adorably cuddly, cats have been a huge draw for many guests whose reviews are cat-egorically positive.

From Berlin to Tokyo, we are excited to reveal some of the best reviewed felines on the platform. So why not paws for thought as the human servants of these su-purr hosts reveal the secrets to their success.

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And with that introduction we share Airbnb’s pick of 5 cat loving host locations for ailurophiles (feline lovers) like ourselves to enjoy.


1.  A Purrfect Loft in Sydney, Australia

Hosts: Janine & Sansa with their light-filled loft.

Sansa is 5 years old. A friend I used to work with took in a stray cat which had kittens. I went to have a look at them and ended up taking Sansa home. I’ve have had quite a few people tell me they booked specifically because I have a cat. Sansa loves having people visit. Firstly because bags are her favorite thing – she loves to sniff and rub her face on them. And secondly, she likes to show off in front of guests – with exaggerated stretches that I think are designed to receive extra pats and photos. I could be wrong, but I think she glances my way to see if I’m watching.


2.  A Purrfect Bungalow in Portland, Oregon

Hosts: Ashley & Chica with their charming bungalow.

Chica is from Mexico and is about 10 years old or more. I met her at a hotel I stayed at in Baja in 2009. She was the pool cat and the barman used to feed her. A couple of years later the hotel changed owners and she was going to be evicted. So my friends rescued her and I offered to take her in. When I first got her she was my only pet but then I got a golden retriever called Florie so she really values the extra attention from guests. Sometimes I’ll come home in the evening and she’s cuddled up with them watching a movie!


3.  A. Purrfect Home in Berlin, Germany

Hosts: Thor, Pere, and Chupa with their “Cool Cats” home.

Having cats is a selling point, not an issue. It’s been a really nice surprise. Chupacabra is a Reubenesque, voluminous or – well – basically a massive feline. She was found abandoned and half-starved to death. Since then, she’s been eating everything as if it’s her last meal. Perejil (Spanish for “Parsley”) was found as a lost and scared kitten with a broken tail, hiding in a vegetable stall – hence his name – in downtown Buenos Aires one morning 14 years ago. Pere is so Argentinian that he’ll have nothing but proper meat. No fish, thank you. No way!


4.  A Purrfect Flat in London, United Kingdom

Hosts: Sue and Kooky with their beautifully furnished flat.

Kooky is 10 years old. I bought him from an owner who became allergic to his fine hair. As I advertise ‘for cat lovers only’ most guests are cat owners themselves and get a real kick out of having a ‘holiday cat’ on the premises. I actually suspect Kooky is the main attraction and he certainly loves the attention from guests. Kooky thinks it’s a privilege for them to have the pleasure of his company. Basically he owns the flat and we are lucky to have him as a rather imperious host.


5.  A Purrfect Home in Tokyo, Japan

Hosts: Wakana, Ghin, and Sumire with their peaceful Shibuya home.

Ghin, a boy, is an 8-year-old, French breed called Chartreux and Sumire, is a 1-year-old, British shorthaired female. Both were abandoned by their previous owners. I got them from animal protection organizations. A lot of cats and dogs are abandoned like this and need new homes. I help those organizations sometimes with the Airbnb host community. Having cats actually helps me get more bookings. Ghin used to be a very shy cat, hiding under the bed when new guests came but because all of our guests are so friendly, my cats have built up their trust over the years and now they love the attention!

Credit: All photos and commentary used with permission from Airbnb


What a great idea huh?  A big thanks to our Airbnb pals!  We’re hoping to do a follow up post in a few months with some of their other ‘cat-centric’ propurrties.

Drop us a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box below if you’ve ever stayed in a place while traveling that had a cat.


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