My Cat From Heaven

We’re big fans of Animal Planet’s tv series “My Cat From Hell” and we’re excited to tell you that they are currently gearing up for their 9th season. The show centers around Jackson Galaxy, a renowned cat behaviorist who has dedicated his life to helping people with problem cats. He’s really amazing at what he does and has helped countless cats over the years.

The series production team are now casting and on the lookout for people who could benefit from Jackson’s help, but they’re also excited about a newer segment called “My Cat From Heaven” This segment features cats with inspiring/heroic stories, incredible talents, or who’ve overcome amazing odds.

Hero cats…your time has come!  >^..^<  See the official flyer below.

Hurray for Hero Cats

The casting crew are looking for inspirational cats and their brave owners who have uplifting and incredible stories to feature on the upcoming season of “My Cat From Hell.”

  • Does your cat have a sweet or unlikely friendship with another animal?
  • Do you know a one of a kind cat with an amazing skill or talent?
  • Has your cat overcome incredible odds or done things for others that the world needs to hear about?

If you know such a hero cat whose story should be told then why not apply for a role in My Cat From Heaven? Here’s how:

To apply, simply visit and for priority consideration, you can submit a short video via the website telling your inspiring cat story, along with any footage highlighting or demonstrating why your cat or story should be considered.

Of course we couldn’t resist a little feline insight from our furriend and favorite cat-oonist (Scott Metzger)…

For any of you still struggling with problem cats check out the casting details below for ‘My Cat From Hell’.

Tell us your story of a hero cat or horrible cat…just drop a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box below.


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