22 Amazing Stories of Black Cats

We recently did a post called:  ‘In Praise of Black Cats’ where we shared some of the most common myths, superstitions and folklore about black cats.  Regardless of beliefs, the sad reality is that black cats are the least likely to be rescued from shelters and have the lowest adoption rates (~50%) of any cat breed.

That’s why we’re so excited to share an important initiative by Layla Morgan Wilde – a celebrity cat consultant and founder of Cat Wisdom 101.  Last month she launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to fund a nonprofit anthology of positive black cat stories (a first of its kind) to rebrand black cats and raise their low adoption rates.

The book is called “Black Cats Tell All” and it contains stories told from the cats’ perspective.  From famous cats to the cat next door, these real cats tell it like it is.  Our wise senior cat of 17 years (Indigo) was a rescue and he wholly endorses this project!

Wilde emphatically stated that… “Prejudice of any kind takes root gradually over time.  For cats, especially black cats, the prejudice took hold over 300 years during the Dark Ages when both cats and witches were wrongly associated with devil worship. Without little education or literacy, superstitions easily spread by gossip and hearsay. It’s easy to see how a slinking, acrobatic, black cat may have appeared mysterious, disappearing into shadows with eyes that glowed in the dark. Prejudice doesn’t shift overnight. It takes time to carve new neural pathways of behavior, understanding and perception.”

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Black Cats Tell All” features stories of 22 different black cats, who feel it’s time to tell the world the truth. These 22 real, black cats share nothing in common except the color of their fur and a yen to pen their stories. They reveal how wildly entertaining and fabulous black cats are to live with. Some reveal a secret life from the fanciful and mind-boggling, to every day hilarious and heart-warming antics.

Even celebrity cat Cole of ‘Cole and Marmalade’ fame, and his human, Chris Poole, jumped in to support the goal of dispelling the myth that black cats are wicked.

Check out Cole’s video:

“The goal of the nonprofit book is to shift perceptions about black cats, one story, one book, one cat adoption at time… There is nothing more powerful than storytelling,” Wilde said. “It educates and informs by entertaining and sparking our emotions. We may not remember all the words but we remember how a story made us feel. Who better than the cats themselves to change negative views to adorable adoptables?”

Wilde envisions the book to be the bridge to other black cat-related creative projects that destroy the myth and re-brand these animals as loveable creatures — just like any other cat.

To support this very worthy project, please go to: Black Cats Tell All



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