Know Any Incredible Cats Whose Story Should Be Told?


We were approached by a producer named Richard Ash who is working on a brand-new documentary about exceptional cats. The documentary will feature incredible cats across all areas of life, from charity, business, adventure, sport, fashion, art, emergency service, entertainment and beyond! See the official flyer below:

This film should be a fun, fascinating and inspiring and way to showcase incredible feline stories to a global audience. The documentary hopes to promote the importance of animal welfare and highlight the brilliance of cats.

Ash explains, “We plan for this documentary to be a heartwarming celebration, highlighting the unique and powerful bond between animals and people. It doesn’t matter where in the world these stories come from, we want to give anyone the chance to have their story heard.”


Do you have or know of a unique and exceptional cat that you feel would be ideal for this documentary?  If so, please do the following:

  1. Submit your cat nominee in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page saying: I nominate a cat named [insert cat’s name] to be considered for this documentary because [your reasons here].
  2. Send the same info. in #1 via email to: [email protected]

Don’t delay – filming is scheduled to take place in June/July of 2017.

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As usual, we had to probe a bit deeper and Mr. Ash kindly clarified some questions we had:

Q:  What’s the official name of the documentary?
It doesn’t have an official name yet, as we’re worried that might limit us or tie us down. Many documentaries evolve during the filming process, so we want to keep the title open. Sometimes someone will say a word or phrase during filming that sums up exactly what you’re doing, so THAT actually ends up being the title of the film. Whatever we land on, we’ll be aiming to make it uplifting and celebratory.

Q:  What inspired it?
Quite simply, a love if cats!!! We didn’t feel that there was anything out there which celebrated the diversity of cats and their owners. Cats can be so many different things to so many different people. We want to show how cats and owners live together in such wonderful ways, all around the world!

Q:  What’s the premise/objective of this film?
The documentary hopes to feature incredible cats across all areas of life, from charity, business, adventure, sport, fashion, art, emergency service, entertainment and beyond! We want to show how cats have infiltrated every facet of human life…and not just become part of it…they have a starring role! We also want to show how important cats are to people. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our cats and so many people have gone to wonderful lengths to ensure their cat is one happy four legged friend.

Q:  How many cats will be featured?
Across the film we’re hoping to feature as many stories as possible. It all depends on how it all comes together in the edit. Sorry to be so vague! I imagine we’d feature more than 9 stories. We hope each story will feel completely unique and individual.

Q:  What exactly are you looking for to qualify a cat for inclusion in the film?
We want stories that are incredible. We want stories that inspire other cat owners. We want stories that celebrate everything that cats are. There really isn’t a limit on what these could be. I think limiting yourself is very dangerous. You want something COMPLETELY unexpected to come along and surprise you in the best way. If people think they have an interesting story, whatever it is, they should get in touch.

Q:  How long do you expect the final running time of film to be?
Anywhere up to about 60 minutes. The stories we find will really drive how this film comes together in the end. It’s all to play for, which is very exciting!

Q:  Do you have any cats already earmarked for the film yet?
No! We’re completely open to every story that come in. Everyone has a chance to have their story heard!

Q:  When does filming start? Where are you filming?
We’re currently looking to film in June and July. However for the right stories we can move these dates a little bit. We are filming all around the world! So it does’t matter where you are, do send us your stories.

Q:  Ideally – when would the finished product be available for viewing?
At the moment we’re aiming for August.

Q:  How/where will our readers get to view it?
It will be available on Amazon Prime, which is great as it means that we can share these stories with the entire world.

Q:  What do you hope the film will achieve once produced and released?
We’re hoping to demonstrate the incredible bond between humans and cats. We hope that the people a home watching will be inspired by these stories. For people in the documentary, we hope they’ll have an incredible keepsake that they can treasure forever.

We can’t wait for your submissions!  >^..^<


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