Cooking with Cats

OK – don’t let the title mislead you…it’s not about teaching your cat to be a chef in the kitchen and have him or her prepare you a host of feline inspired delicacies.  Wouldn’t that be nice though!  >^..^<

The author {Jess Erskine} best describes her book this way…”Ironically, ‘Cooking With Cats’ doesn’t have any recipes in it – it’s just a coloring book full of cats playing with food and wreaking havoc in the kitchen.”  We simply describe it as furbulous feline fun!

We loved what we saw and contacted the author and her publicist who kindly offered to donate 5 signed copies to us which we raffled off to 5 lucky Purrington Post readers. The contest is now over.

We asked Jess a few questions…

Q:  How did you come up with the idea for COOKING WITH CATS?

My dad thought of it first, so I stole it from him and ran with it… mashing cats together with every kind of food I love, like cupcakes and coffee and sushi and cinnamon buns. It’s hard to look at this coloring book without your mouth watering.

Q: Do you have a cat of your own?

I do. Morty is my favorite cat of all time, and he knows it. But he’s also a butt. He’s packed full of attitude and spice, and was the model for some of the pages in COOKING WITH CATS. His favorite activities are attacking legs, chasing bugs, hide and seek, naps, and watching “The Office” with me. But he’s still a butt.

Q: What makes Cooking with Cats different and unique?

I spent a lot of hours researching cats- paws, faces, breeds & expressions and used my own kitty Morty to pose for some of the illustrations, so I think you can see the love and effort that went into this book. I hope those who grab a copy for themselves or a friend, find some entertainment in the silly predicaments some of the catters have gotten into, and of course I hope they enjoy coloring the cats. And the donuts! (om nom nom!)

Q: Any new feline related projects in the works?

I haven’t started on any more cat related projects just yet, but this one was close to my heart. So if people like this one I would definitely love to make another cat coloring book! I’m always working on another book, currently I’m finishing up the second title in my “Finish the Drawing” series, books designed to promote creative thinking and expand the artistic imagination. Volume 2 will be available on Amazon at the end of June.

Q:  Where can our readers find your book?

They can find it at or on Amazon. There’s also lots of pictures from the book to check out on our Cooking with Cats Facebook page

* Contest Entry Guidelines:

This contest ended on June 23rd, 2017 and was available to residents of the United States and Canada only. To enter the contest entrants needed to submit a comment in our “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page saying:

If my cat [name of your cat] was a chef,  he/she would probably make me a [name of the dish your kitty would prepare for you

The winners were chosen by the author from all the correct entries and contacted by email.

Retail value is approx. $7.95 USD


Jess Erskine, age 24, was born and raised in the foothills of Kentucky – where tea is the sweetest, and gravy goes on everything. Jess is a self-taught illustrator and the founder of Rolling Donut Press, and is the author and illustrator of Finish the Drawing; Coupons for Couples; 50 Simple Reasons Why I Love You, Mom; Wow! Can We Do That Again? and other books.

Can’t wait and want to order one now? Grab a copy from Amazon here => Buy a Copy of Cooking with Cats


Got a funny story of your cat(s) creating mischief in the kitchen?  Share it with us by dropping a comment below in the “Leave a Reply” box.


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