The Fabulous Flying Felinis

This is your Captain speaking…welcome to Feline Flight School. Our motto here is: “Takeoffs are optional. Landings are mandatory.”

Today’s instructors are seasoned flyers named Mausi & Miseli who hail from the magnificent alps of Switzerland. In case you thought we were kidding about the flying part, here are our two feline flight instructors in action!

We’re big fans of their meow-velous Instagram feed called @mausi.meow which is really taking off and reaching new heights. Currently these fearless flyers have already amassed nearly 20K loyal fans worldwide.

It’s hard to believe these two cuties (Mausi on left & Miseli on right) are such fearless flying felines. There’s even a tale about the time they wanted to test their skills and flew so high that they jumped right through a rainbow. Both passed with flying colors! >^..^<

We figured there had to be some ‘secret ingredient’ in that delicious Swiss muesli (perhaps Red Bull) that gave these two their wings. Wanting to learn more we contacted their loving and wonderful owner (Sarah) who was so kind to share the following with us:

Q:  How old are Mausi & Miseli? Are they related?

Mausi is three years old (born 16th of May 2014) and Miseli is almost a half year old (born March 28th, 2017). Mausi is the proud mom of Miseli! 

Q:  Have you had them since they were kittens?

Yes! Mausi was 12,5 weeks old when we brought her home. Miseli is the daughter of Mausi, and we’ve had her since she was born.

Q:  What breed are they?

They both are mixes. I’m very curious to know what breeds are in them! The results of a recent cat DNA test we did of Mausi should arrive in a few weeks, at which point we’ll finally know what kind of mix she is!

Q:  Could you describe each of them in a couple of words?

Mausi is very adventurous and loves to hunt mice, birds and other small animals. She also loves cuddling a lot, but Miseli is definitely the cuddle queen of our house. She follows us everywhere we go and is a professional purr machine. Both really love their humans!

Q:  Do they all get along well with each other? Any other animals in the home with them?

Mausi and Miseli get along perfectly. A real mother and daugther love! They share our home with a dog. He’s a border collie named Finn. Sadly they don’t get along well. The cats think he’s too “doggish” and crazy for them!

Q:  So where do these two cuties sleep? 

Mausi likes to sleep on my desk or on my chair. Miseli’s favourite place to sleep is either on the couch, my bed or when I’m at home of course my lap!

Q:  How did you get started with them in IG?

When I got Mausi, I downloaded Instagram to share some photos of my new, super adorable kitten with my friends. At the start, I only uploaded pictures made with my mobile phone. Then I found many pet accounts on Instagram who are using a camera for their pictures. I was so fascinated by the quality that in December of 2015 I purchased a new camera and so began my new journey on IG.

Q:  What made you take a flying cat photo in the first place anyway?

As the kittens were super playful and always jumped to get their toys, I just wanted to try and see how it looked in a photo. As their poses were so funny during their flight, I started to take more and more. I took my first photo of a flying kitty back in July of 2015. A year later, I had uploaded around five more flying kitty photos on Instagram. This year I’ve already uploaded more than 30 flying kitten photos and I think every one of them is super unique.

Q:  Is one of them better at flying than the other?

Yes! Miseli is a professional jumper and Mausi just jumped once during a photo shoot. I really hope she will start to jump and be as amazing a jumper as Miseli is!

Q:  Is it hard to get them to co-operate when you’re taking these action photos?

Sometimes, yes! There are days when Miseli just isn’t in the mood to show off her jumping skills. The last photo shoots haven’t been successful.

Q:  Any new, cool photo shoots that you have planned that we can look for soon?

Of course many more flying kitty photo shootings! I also just bought the 35 mm lens for indoor shootings, so I’m prepared for the cold snow season!

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Q:  Any parting words that Mausi & Miseli might want to say to their many IG loyal fans around the world?

We love you so much! Stay as amazing how you are! Meooooow PS: Please also try to fly through the air once. You’ll be impressed by the view from above!


A very special thank you to Sarah (and of course Mausi & Miseli) for allowing us a peek into their feline flight path! Please be sure to follow their uplifting adventures on @mausi.meow

These two clearly love their high flying life in Switzerland and we wish them many exciting adventures to come!


PS – if you’re interested in learning more about your cat’s ancestry check out our post on the First DNA Test for Cats



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