Cat Memes That Will Surprise You!

We had the pleasure of being introduced to a very talented graphic designer named Milie (aka Princess Prompt – as she’s known in social media circles) who creates some truly delightful cat memes!

Here’s a sampling:

Imagine the time it took for Milie to stage each of these shots? Or did she? We had the opportunity to chat with Milie and asked her:

Q: Are any of the images we included in this post real?
A: No, each of the images, without exception, was generated using artificial intelligence; these cats therefore do not exist!

Turns out she’s not only a skilled graphic designer, but also highly adept at using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create these adorable meowsterpieces. See for yourself on her IG feed @princess_prompt.

We asked Milie a few more questions about her work:

Q: What’s the main goal of your IG feed?
The purpose of my Instagram account is above all to present the results of my ideas and my prompts with AI. I don’t have a predefined style and what I share is related to the subjects and themes that I appreciate; humor, parodies, but also more strange and dark images and also costume ideas.

Q: Do you own a cat?
I don’t own a cat per se; but my garden looks like an undergrowth and I have the pleasure of observing dozens of cats passing by the terrace every day. One of them was already there when we moved into the house and since then, he regularly comes to say hello, spend the night in the warmth or beg for a few caresses. It’s not an abandoned cat, but rather a big adventurous and opportunistic cat who smells of cigarettes on Sundays. We called him Rouroux (because he mainly has red hair, in French “roux”)

Q: Do you start with a photo of a real cat and then use AI to modify?
For this series of images, I did not use starting images; I simply wrote a prompt describing precisely the cat, the scene and the action I wanted to see appear.

Q: Is the process you use to produce these art creations difficult?
The process itself is simple; you need an initial idea which must then be translated into a series of precise words (the prompt) in order to obtain what you want. The more precise and clear the initial idea is in your mind, the clearer your prompt must be so that the result can satisfy your request. For example; for the image of the cat in a bath I wrote this: “1980 analog color photography, a relaxed cat lounging in a foamy bathtub, a glass of red wine and a cheese plate on the edge of the bathtub, in a steamy bathroom “; among the twenty images generated, I chose one that I slightly retouched with Photoshop.

Q: Can you take a real photo of someone’s cat and turn it into a cute meme?
It could work; even if there may be some small differences; the cat will look very similar to the photo, but it won’t be quite your cat. Some AI can reproduce faces, but that is not really the case for Midjourney which will instead take inspiration from it.

Q: How did you get started in digital art creation?
I have a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, I am a photographer and I teach graphic design so I have been immersed in image creation for a long time. I discovered generative AI in 2023 with Disco Diffusion; then Dall-e, Stable Diffusion and finally Midjourney which remains to this day my favorite AI. The potential of these new tools immediately amazed me and I decided to dive into them. Since then, I have tried to integrate these tools into my own creative work and I also teach their use.

Q: Can we expect more of your clever cat art creations?
Without a doubt! There are so many ideas that I would like to explore and cats are an inexhaustible source of inspiration; Recently, I posted a video presenting costume ideas inspired by felines… It’s an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

We hope you enjoyed Milie’s creations as much as we did. Be sure to follow her on IG as well as check out her Facebook, and Reddit.

A special thank you to Milie for the following creation!

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