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We’re always on the lookout to find and share new, unique and clever cat related products, services or talents. Last week we came across a delightful IG feed called @tomacomics.  The creator of TomaComic(Tom Neufeld) describes himself as an introverted artist, gamer, lover of all things burgers, and an honorary member of his cat’s tribe.

Tom lives in Toronto with his lovely girlfriend and their two cats, and his comics reflect their experiences sharing everyday life together.

We wanted to share a few teasers of Tom’s engaging and adorable work…

In Tom’s own words, “Those who know me in my personal life know I don’t talk much. It’s true, but surprisingly I have lots to talk about with TomaComics.

TomaComics pokes fun at the couple’s adventures as feline parents, and also the joy and folly of being in a long term relationship.

Tom shares, “I want to speak about my cats in the hope that some readers will find joy in it, laugh or even say ‘me too’!

Tom was kind enough to do a comic of our boys after choosing a random photo he pulled from our IG feed with Newman and Mouse showing off their fuzzy bellies (original photo – below left).

Here’s what Tom came up with:

It certainly gave us a hearty chuckle!  >^..^<

Below are a couple more of his comics that really resonated with us. Enjoy!

Snack Time…

Coming home…

Check out the TomaComics website and be sure to follow his IG feed at @tomacomics.



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