These Handcrafted Cat Caves are Purrfect!

We’re always on the lookout for fun new feline products that are practical, safe and green friendly.  We found a company called TwinCritters that was founded by  twin brothers with a passion for providing natural and safe pet products to our four-legged family members. Growing up, the brothers were obsessed with animals and owned dozens of pets, from Rottweilers to flying squirrels and everything in between.

Later in life, both brothers went on to practice medicine — one in veterinary medicine and the other in endocrinology. Several years after their vigorous medical training was completed, the brothers reunited and TwinCritters was born. Marrying their love of pets with their passion for detail, the TwinCritters product line oozes quality with an eco-friendly, sustainable twist. Their dream of one day teaming up and working with animals came true.

We spoke with one of the brothers (Chris) and he kindly sent us a couple of their large, 100% all-natural wool cat caves known as the ‘TwinCritters Handcrafted Cat Cave’ to try out with our own clowder at home.

The verdict? … Our cats love them!

We now use them both inside and even in our backyard during their supervised daily outdoor time. Our tuxie (Newman) loves to watch the birds while chilling comfortably in his blue jay colored cave.

We were so impressed with the product that we asked the TwinCritters guys if they’d let us run a contest for one lucky Purrington Post reader to win their very own Handcrafted Cat Cave. They agreed!


Newman (below) lounging in his protective pod whilst pondering the mysteries of the universe.  >^..^<

Contest Entry Guidelines:

This contest ended on June 9th, 2017 and was available to residents of the United States and Canada. To enter the contest entrants simply needed to submit a comment in our “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of the page saying:

My cat’s name is [insert your cat’s name] and he/she really, really needs a TwinCritters Handcrafted Cat Cave because… [your reason]

The winner was chosen by TwinCritters from all the correct entries and contacted by email. Retail value is approx. $65.00 USD

Here’s a bit more information on the Handcrafted Cat Cave:

  • Each cat cave is meticulously handcrafted in Nepal from 100% all-natural merino wool
  • Using an ancient technique called felting, artisans mold each cave using only water, soap, and merino wool
  • This spacious, large hideout is great for cats of all sizes — from kittens to mancoons
  • Super soft yet durable wool creates a comfortable resting place, keeping your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Can be used as a cozy hideaway pod or flattened into a relaxing padded mat

Like our own cats, these feline quality testers clearly appreciate just how cool and comfy these cat caves are!

As noted above, all TwinCritters’ cat caves and pet toys are made by hand in Katmandu, Nepal using 100% merino wool imported from New Zealand.

TwinCritters’ are pleased to support talented female artisans and their families. Felting uses only wool, water, and soap. That’s right! No harsh chemicals or synthetic fibers. We give it a two paws up!  >^..^<

Be sure to check out their cute and clever IG feed here => @twincritters



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