Top 10 Names for Siamese Cats

We did a post recently on Siamese cats that we playfully titled Siamese, If You Please!  There were many wonderful emails from readers who shared photos of their Siamese furbabies with us and we noticed some very interesting and unusual names. So much so that we decided to do a post on 10 top names for Siamese cats.

This names below were contributed by our paw-pal Abby Beal who is a pet parent and life-long animal lover. Her site is called and features fun & unique cat names for your cat or kitten!  Abby is our go-to-gal whenever we need cat name inspurration.  >^..^<

Perhaps we should have titled the post “Ten Terrific Names for Siamese Cats” because it’s so difficult to narrow down to only 10.  But alas we were feline the need to be succinct.

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Without further ado, here is Abby’s list of Top 10 Names for your Siamese (in no purrticular order):

1. Abracadabra

Everyone knows this classic word that magicians use. And if you have a Siamese cat, you’re going to become quite familiar with their own particular “magic.” My aunt had 3 Siamese cats that would constantly climb to the very top of the roof at the start of the day, only coming down when they’d decided on enough playtime. Wizard is another great name for a cat who pops in and out of seemingly nowhere.

2. Lillian (or “Lily”)

This name is inspired for Lillian Jane Veley, who co-founded the official Siamese Cat Club in 1901. She was given a pair of the cats by her brother. You could also name a pair of cats, after her pair of Siamese cats – who were named Pho and Mia!

3. Nutmeg

You may be instantly reminded of fall when you hear of this, as it’s used in many seasonal dishes such as pumpkin pie. Nutmeg is similar to a Siamese cat’s coat color and this unique spice is one that you notice, and makes you say “wow!” just as your cat does each day.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor owned a Siamese cat? Taylor was known for having mesmerizing, beautiful eyes. Siamese cats have these too. This name is an ideal choice, especially for your elegant female Siamese cat.

5. Lilac

A purrfect name for a female Siamese cat. Did you know there is actually a “Lilac point Siamese cat?” This beautiful flower is a great name too for a cat that is super stunning. Take a look at other flower and flora themed names too, such as Rose, Magnolia and Fern, for a feminine name.

6. Sagwa

Like cartoons? Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat was inspired by an Amy Tan novel. It appeared on PBS in the U.S.A… This is a charming name to give your Siamese cat!

7. Cocoa

Looking for a sweet name for your Siamese cat or kitten? Try Cocoa, as many Siamese have a lot of light brown in their coats. The sweetness will also remind you of their lovely, friendly temperament.

8. George Lucas

Everyone knows that Siamese cats are super intelligent – geniuses even by some accounts. So why not name your cat after someone who is totally brilliant and amazing? George Lucas created the Star Wars movies and also the Indiana Jones movies too, that’s pretty cool, smart and amazing too!

9. Theo

Now there is smart, and then there is being somewhat of an evil genius. Or at least a feline who is, well, a touch devious! Theo is a Siamese cat in the UK who became quite the kleptomaniac kitty. Just imagine trying to explain to your neighbors why you have all of their socks!

10. Andrea Bocelli

One thing we haven’t touched upon, is the very distinctive & unique meow that a Siamese cat has. It sounds sort of like “M-ia-ow!” Sometimes they can be quite loud, but it certainly has a touch of music to it. That’s why we think you should name your Siamese feline after one of the best Opera singers in the world, Andrea Bocelli! Perhaps they can sing together one day?

Although we focused on the Siamese, the above names are flexible enough to suit many cat breeds and purrsonalities.

Special thanks to Abby for her insightful, clever and imaginative recommendations. Please share your favorite names for Siamese cats or kittens with us in the “Leave a Reply” box below.


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