Meet Peanut – A Snaggletooth One-Eyed Cutie That’ll Melt Your Heart!

Flash back to early 2016 – a stray cat shows up unexpectedly at a couple’s door step and suddenly there’s an instant connection. Coincidence? Fate?  So begins this love story … >^..^<

Owner Alex says of the stray cat, “We immediately bonded so she stayed for good.” They named her Plop and a few weeks later realized that she was pregnant.

Soon after Mama Plop gave birth to four beautiful kittens – one in purrticular stood out – a wee thing they affectionately named Peanut (aka P) because she was so incredibly tiny.

I realized quickly that she was different when she wasn’t able to feed from her mom like the others so I bottle fed her until she was old enough to eat wet food” says Alex.

P was just half the size of her siblings and hardly weighed enough for them to actually tell what her weight was for a long time at the vet. She was so small at birth that her weight wouldn’t even register on the scale.

Peanut was born with only one eye and was missing part of her nose but the little fighter wouldn’t let anything slow her down. She couldn’t even see until one day her good eye cleared up and opened. As P grew bigger, her snaggletooth became even more prominent, but it only added more cuteness to her already sweet disposition.

“P only has defects on one side of her body with the eye and nose, but otherwise is perfectly healthy and active,” Alex said.

P will turn 3 years old in April of 2019 and weighing only 4 pounds she will always have her kitten like appearance. Like there wasn’t enough to love about her already!

She’s already amassed an incredible Instagram following of over 75K fans so be sure to check it out and follow precious P. Her IG feed is @peanytodd

We had to ask … why Peany Todd? Alex told us, “It comes from Sweeney Todd! With no real reason lol, we started calling her P from her original name, Peanut, and then of course Sweet Pea, Peany, and from there Peany Todd. I think we had seen something Sweeney Todd related and called her that once and it stuck!”

Q: Who does she share your home with?

P lives with me and my boyfriend Collin, who she absolutely adores (her daddy) along with Plop, her biological cat mama (below left), Phoebe our most recent rescue who is now 1 year old (below right), and Stephanie our oldest cat who was Collins before we moved in together. She is impossible to get a pic of and not super friendly, so most people don’t know we actually have four cats!

Q: What was the impetus/inspurration to start her amazing IG feed?

I had never thought of starting an Instagram for her until one of the girls at the vet specialist office asked if she had one. I looked into the special Cat Instagram community and was so excited! I still can’t believe how much it blew up and how many followers and fans she has, and online friends we’ve made! Smush was the first one I saw and I still am such a fan. <3

Q: How would you describe her purrsonality?

Her personality is the SWEETEST. I feel like she has such human emotions, she’s very different than any of our other cats. She is very attached to me and very affectionate when she wants to be. If I’m home she will follow me around the house everywhere just looking at what I’m doing and wanting attention on the sly. I tell her everyday that she is such a blessing to us  and I think she feels the same about us 🙂 she’s quiet and does easily get mad if we leave or anything and in that way she’s unlike our other cats, who seem to not really even notice if we spent a couple nights away. She’s the first one to greet us at the door every time we come home, usually the only one. I have a special love for P that I know will never be shared for another cat. She is just my favorite thing in the world.

Q: Where does she sleep?

She sleeps in the bed with me!! She never used to do that, and now she sleeps in between my legs most nights and she gets really excited when my alarm goes off, it’s the only time of the day I really see her purring loudly or rubbing up against me.

Q: Funniest thing she’s ever done?

Funniest thing she’s ever done would have to be her new obsession with the bathroom sink water. She is so calculated, she will meow (which is sort of rare so i freak out and follow her every time!) right near the doorway to the bathroom and the second she sees me coming she runs quicker than I’ve ever seen to the sink! She usually spins her back legs out or drifts a corner getting there, it is so funny.

Q: Naughtiest thing she’s ever done?

Naughtiest thing she’s ever done would be jumping from our top floor railing (it’s a loft upstairs that hangs over the living room below) and it’s a very far jump. I am honestly so shocked so did not get hurt. Collin said he just saw her coming down and when she landed, she kind of took in the shock and then just went on about her business.

Q: Is she spoiled? If so, in what way?

She is very very spoiled, she is the center of our attention anytime she’s in the room and we shower her with toys and anything else she wants lol. If we ever are paying attention to another cat and we see that P saw, we always immediately give her the attention so she feels better. 

Q: Does she co-operate willingly during most photo shoots?

We act like she totally cooperates for photo shoots! She’s a model and she totally knows it. She takes the cutest pics. Like all cats though, if she’s not in the mood it’s a no go!

Q: If P was a famous person celeb…who do you think she’d be?

I always say if P was a celeb she’d be Ariana Grande (Pawriana Grande as we like to say) because she’s so full of sass and I am a huge Ariana fan,  I think she’s fab and so is Miss P!

Q: Anything P might like to say to her many IG fans?

I think both P and myself would like to say how thankful we are for her followers and friends, and how much the kindness of these strangers makes our days!

Be sure to follow the adventures of Peanut and her wonderful family here at @peanytodd.

Our special thanks to Alex for sharing her wonderful story!


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