This Siberian Sweetie will Melt Your Heart

We felt it was time for some serious eye candy so we decided that each month we will profile a stunning specimen from various breeds of cats. This month we’re thrilled to showcase an absolute bundle of uber cuteness wrapped in cuddly Siberian fur!  Her name is Misya and she’s absolutely GORGEOUS!  >^..^<

*Warning – the following pictures are dangerously cute – do not look at them unless you’re prepared to outright sigh major oohs and awws and do expect heartbeat flitters…ok, you’ve been warned!

We did a post last year called the ‘Stunning Siberian Cat‘ and fell in love right away with these amazing cats. Most memorable was how this very old breed which originated from Russia displays dog-like traits, including a penchant for playing fetch. Read the article for more details on Characteristics of Siberian Cats.

Back to the Magnificent Misya –  she lives in Toronto, Canada with her two human roommates and loves playing, wet food, and making new Instagram friends.  You must check out her Instagram at @misyathekitty …and yes, she’d love you to follow her!

We asked Misya what were her guilty pleasures (ok, maybe not so guilty) and here’s what she meowed to us…

You can always find me tanning in the best patch of sunlight, and if you’re making food, I’m definitely there conducting taste tests. I like to watch my humans shower (for safety reasons, of course), and I make sure to get my daily dose of running and biting, too.

We then asked Misya’s humans a few questions to get their take on her cuteness:

Q: How old is Misya currently?
Misya turns 2 years old on October 5, making her approximately 20 months old

Q: Is Misya a purebred Siberian?
Yes, a Siberian Blue Tabby

Q: Does she have any other siblings at home?
Misya is an only pet at the moment, however, we are actively thinking about getting a second furry friend!

Q: How would you describe her purrsonality?
Misya is quite fiesty and loves a playfight. At the same time, she really enjoys cuddling with us and is super affectionate. Since she is such a sophisticated lady, Misya is always cleaning herself and looking very presentable.

Q: What’s your favorite thing that Misya does?
Misya greets us at the door when we wake up in the morning, and every time we come home. Misya also never leaves us alone. She is so adorably affectionate, and we love that.

Q: Does her name have a special meaning?
Misya is a combination of two words in Russian – “kisya” which means kitten, and “misha” which means teddy bear (since she’s so fluffy). It’s a cute-sounding name in our language, too!

Q: Any funny or special story about Misya that you’d care to share?
Misya likes to head butt us in the mornings, which is her way of greeting us after we come out of the bedroom. We once took a 2 week vacation; she missed us so much that the following morning after we got back, Misya was head butting harder than ever. She got so into it that she fell off the counter in the bathroom!

Special thanks to the Majestic Misya and her wonderful humans for allowing us to showcase their fur baby!  Don’t forget to check out her Instagram at @misyathekitty

Ok – admit it…you want one now too!  >^..^<

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