Easter Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Two cats are sitting in a bar sipping eggnog…

Cat #1: How do you know the Easter Bunny is really all that smart?
Cat #2: Duh…because he’s the ultimate egghead!

With the Easter celebration almost upon us, we put together our Easter Gift Guide for Cat Lovers which includes 10 thoughtful, practical and/or unique gifts for both cats and their 2-legged servants.   >^..^<


1. The Cat Ball – Your Cat Will Figure It Out!

The distinctive Cat Ball® cat bed is hexagonal with two openings. It has a super comfy foam inside, creating an unusual pet bed with thick, padded walls. Your cat can hide inside this private cave and watch the busy world go by. Cats LOVE them!  Buy it here.



2. This Organic Catnip is Legendary!

For cats that enjoy the ‘nip, they’ll be sure to love Meowijuana‘s 100% organic catnip. Their legendary catnip is grown in Southern California and Washington State and is of the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today. Use code “PURRINGTON” for a 10% discount on checkout. Buy it here.



3. Caticons – The Book

This fascinating book chronicles the private cat icon collection of Sandy Lerner and documents four thousand years of humans and their love of all things feline. Caticons the book is a truly remarkable piece of art in its own right and we declare it a MUST HAVE coffee table book for any cat lover!  Buy it here.



4. Genetic Preservation for your Cat (or dog)

ViaGen are America’s Pet Cloning and Genetic Preservation Experts. The work that they do is quite remarkable (and yes, it is rocket science but they’ve mastered it!).  For more information about this exciting field and to speak with a ViaGen counselor visit their website at ViaGen Pets.



5.  Automatic Fresh Water Frog Watering Fountain for Cats

Fresh, streaming water enticing your cat to drink, easy maintenance, attractive design – what more could you ask for?  A FREE cleaning brush, and a FREE catnip toy, that’s what!  Order our fountain and receive a FREE cleaning brush ($3.95 value) plus FREE catnip pillow ($4.95 value), a Purrington Post time limited special. Buy it here.


6.  Lego Inspired Cat Kits

If you enjoy building Lego, then you’ll love these cat model kits with 92 different styles to choose from. Hours of fun and so many places you can display them. Get 10% OFF if you use coupon code ‘purrington’ at checkout. Buy them here.



7.  DNA Home Test Kit for Cats

Have you ever wished you could find out about your cat’s ancestry and ultimately their health and habits? Introducing the first ever DNA Test for Cats from a company called Basepaws. Helps you to know your cat, inside & out: ancestry, relations to other felines, cat care and more! With this one simple test you will unearth a lifetime of discovery.  Learn more.



8.  Litter as Mother Nature Intended

Cat Spot Litter is made with one simple ingredient, coconut! And that’s it. No harmful allergens or chemicals for your feline friend here. CatSpot Litter is a 100% all-natural product that’s both odor-eliminating and hypoallergenic. Use code ‘PURRINGTON’ for 15% OFF your first order! Buy it here.



9.  A Custom Portrait of Your Pet

Ever thought of getting a custom portrait made of your special fur baby?  If so, why not check out Maria from @lovecatart who is a professional pet portrait artist and does all her incredible portraits using colored pencils. We have lots of cat portraits and wanted a portrait of our sheltie (Fleetwood). He’s shown in photo below (left) getting bossed around (as usual) by our tabby (Mouse). We sent Maria a photo of Fleetwood and she drew this masterpiece (below right). Pretty amazing huh! See all her work here => lovecatart.com



10.  Cat Themed Jewelry

Do you love classy, elegant and refined cat jewelry?  If so, meet Cat Modern – an online oasis for artful jewelry worn by smart, sophisticated ladies like yourselves.  Whether you’re into cat-inspired earrings, pendants or necklaces, Cat Modern has something for everyone with earring prices starting at $50.  See their Collection.


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Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover or simply just love to play hide and seek with chocolate eggs, we wish you and your family a meowvelous holiday!  Purrs!  >^..^<

Photo credits: Special thanks to all the following adorable bunny eared cats from IG who graced this post with their wabbit inspired cuteness: @mayhem_cat, @middylovescheese, @jennifersamwellcatlover, @siamesezelda, @ragnargreymane, @gator_the_teacup_persian, @outlawkittycat, @gatochapman, @maniacmei@grace_lacy_ace, @eightguys.ok, @stitchedadventures, @thebasiccats, @jorgeh.sanchezperez, @dustychan_the_cat, @kimmyfreed


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