Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2017

It’s Autumn again … that special season filled with pumpkin spiced lattes, crunchy leaves, Halloween, all the best TV shows, crackling fires, Thanksgiving festivities, cozy sweaters, and the magic of December and year end holidays just around the corner.

Poet John Keats in his famous work titled ‘Ode To Autumn’ described it best in this passage…

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;
To bend with apples the mossed cottage-trees,
And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
And still more, later flowers for the bees.

Feeling like a spiced latte or perhaps a warm slice of apple pie? If so, enjoy and then why not check out our 2017 Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide (below).

In putting together this year’s Gift Guide we searched far and wide to find some of the most interesting and unique feline themed gifts that would be ideal for the holidays and make for paw-some stocking stuffers. Several of the items chosen were featured in contests earlier in the year, or were in high demand by our readers.

So without further ado, here’s our list of Holiday Gift ideas in no purr-ticular order … Happy Shopping!

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1. Lego Inspired Cat Model Kits

We ran a contest this summer and the response was overwhelming at the interest from our readers for these delightful Lego inspired cat kits from JEKCA. Check out the full post we published called Lego of My Cat! for all the details and to get a glimpse of their many cool styles and feline model kits available.


2. Caticons – The Must Have Holiday Book

We just love this book which chronicles the private cat icon collection of Sandy Lerner and documents four thousand years of humans and their love of all things feline. It’s a truly remarkable piece of art in its own right and a MUST HAVE coffee table book for any cat lover! To learn more about this fascinating book that was 30 years in the making check out our article here: Caticons – 4,000 Years of Feline Fascination


3. Organic Catnip by Meowijuana

The Meowijuana team are purrrrveyors of 100% organic catnip as well as cat toys and apparel. Their legendary catnip is grown in Southern California and Washington State. It is of the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today. Our cats agree! Check them out at Meowijuana


4. Cat Cottage and Footstool

We’ve always been big fans of the delightfully creative, comfy and chic cat cottages, chalets, beds and scratchers designed by the talented team at My Four Cats Designs … but they’ve outdone themselves by introducing this latest product … it’s a cat bed…no, it’s a cat cottage … no, it’s more of a cat cave. But wait…it’s also a cushy footstool for humans (or felines)!  So really it’s a Four-in-One multi purpose paw-some piece of comfy cool cat furniture. Check out My Four Cats Designs.


5. Elevated Cat Feeding Stations from Vivipet

We’re big fans of Vivipet‘s elevated feeders as our own cats eat from them. Cats are natural crouch eaters and prefer eating from an elevated position which is why these feeders are great to help prevent stomach stress. They are also smartly designed to reduce the possibility of whisker fatigue … oh and did we mention that they look stylish and elegant in your home too! Elevate your cat’s dining experience! See the full collection of Vivipet elevated feeders.


6. Ladies Cat Watches and Sunglasses

Back in 2016 we partnered with Ideal Fashions and together we now offer a large collection of high quality, beautifully crafted ladies watches by Bertha and Boum as well as a complete line of ladies sunglasses. They even include free shipping within the U.S.  Check out the full collection of feline fashion inspired ladies cat watches and sunglasses.


7. Elegant Cat Water Fountains

Thirsty Cat Fountains are among the highest quality, most attractive cat drinking fountains available anywhere. We own two of them in our home and love the fact that they are 100% food-safe and their quality control process is world class. Each piece is unique and handmade to combine artistic design that will gracefully complement your home decor. The Thirsty Cat team create everything from scratch, including their own glazes. Below are just two of the many stunning designs that they offer. Check out the extensive collection of exquisite fountains at Thirsty Cat Fountains.


8. The Litter Genie

“Litter Genie is the nose-friendly, life-improving, happy-dance-inducing little savior for both you and your cat.” Users of the Litter Genie (like ourselves) know that it helps keep your house smelling fresh and that a standard refill lasts up to 8 week for each cat. Yup we did the math too … that’s less than 7 refills for the whole year! For a money-saving coupon, click here:


9. The Hide and Sneak Cat Tunnel by Dezi & Roo

Inventors of the Hide and Sneak! Veterinarian-designed cat toys that help cat parents raise happy, healthy, and engaged pets. Dezi & Roo owner Dr. Lynn Bahr sells exceptional cat toys and accessories that are all made in the USA and are safe, non-toxic, natural and biodegradable. The Hide and Sneak is a feline favorite that combines all the things cats love about boxes and bags in one cool toy. Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, kraft paper that crinkles to a cat’s delight, the tunnel also gives them a place to play or retreat out of sight. Learn more about the Hide and Sneak.


10. Cat Themed Bath, Beauty and Skin Care

Inspired by their own cats, the Paw Melts team launched their business back in 2015. In addition to their plant based collection of organic skin care and home fragrance products, they hand make these wonderful organic paw-shaped fragrant wax melts and sugar scrubs for your skin. These are the perfect stocking- stuffers. Check them out here at Paw Melts Organic Candles and Wax Melts.


11. Genetic Preservation from ViaGen Pets

ViaGen are America’s Pet Cloning and Genetic Preservation Experts. The work that they do is quite remarkable (and yes, it is rocket science but they’ve mastered it!).  Learn more about ViaGen in this featured article we wrote earlier this year called Would You Consider Cloning Your Cat?  For more information about this exciting field and what’s now possible, check out the ViaGen Pets website.


12. Natural Cat Toys

Natural Cat Toy is a new company that make organic natural cat toys. Their designs are truly unique and include the use of aromatic silver vine lumber and ripe silver vine gall fruits, which are natural ingredients to catch and hold your cat’s attention. Check out their full collection here at Natural Toys for Cats.



Well that’s our 2017 year end round up of 12 unique, memorable and/or practical gifts for cat lovers.  Our selection was based on product uniqueness, originality, functionality and quality. It’s never easy narrowing down a list but we’re purrty darn happy with this year’s round up!  >^..^<

May your holiday season be full of joy, love, happiness and of course, CATS!


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