Introducing Cat Empire

We’re excited to share the online release of a fascinating new documentary series called Cat Empire. It launched worldwide last month (Dec. 2021).

Cat lovers will find fascinating, engaging, and uniquely creative cat content in this highly engaging 3-part docuseries. From the dawn of humanity to online cat celebrities, this entertaining series explores the unique bond uniting humans and cats, for better and for worse.

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With the confessions of dozens of cat lovers, the insight of world-renowned specialists (Kate Benjamin, Gary Weitzman, Daniel Quagliozzi), showcasing out-of-this-world products and places and the collaboration of thousands of cats (among them, Instagram sensation Nala the Cat, BenBen & Pudge).

This unique series is truly a tribute to America’s favorite pet. With more than 200 million cat owners, the domestic cat is the most popular pet worldwide. Everything seems to indicate it has now entered its era of glory.

In the first episode (“THE LION IN THE LIVING ROOM“) they explore the relationship and the science behind our love for cats. From Paris National Natural History Museum to the thousand-year-old Chauvet cave, you’ll go back in time to learn about the origins of the domestic cat.

Through genetic analysis of the cat’s DNA and the latest scientific discoveries, the film dives into the 20,000-year-old relationship that unites us.

Whether it’s because of the hormones induced by “purr therapy” sessions or because of our innate need to care for cute (and fluffy!) creatures, our love for cats seems to know no boundaries. In the second episode (“PRICELESS LOVE“), the film dives deeper into the relationship uniting humans to cats.

The third and final episode (“TO INFINITY AND BEYOND“) postulates that our love for cats is not without consequences, and our meat-eating companion’s carbon footprint is enormous. In fact, the U.S. cat foot print is equivalent to that of the average African country!

Even more alarming, the cat’s ability to reproduce quickly has led to a serious
overpopulation problem. With dozens of millions of stray cats wandering the streets of U.S. cities, the issue has gotten so bad that according to researchers, it has become one of the greatest threats to biodiversity in the U.S., killing billions of animals each year.

Cat videos are among the most-watched of all categories of videos on the web. The resources devoted to cats in our society are as innumerable as they are unlikely; luxury hotels and private chauffeurs, state-of-the-art hospitals, designer clothing, video games, paleo diets, film festivals, museums, cryptocurrency, music for cats, the list goes on.

The rise of celebrity cats online has contributed to heightening the value of a colossal billion-dollar industry. Should we be surprised? After all, humankind has purposefully shaped domestic cats to become the objects of our affection.

This documentary traces the origins of domestication, from the ice age to the present day, unveiling the reasons of our mutual attachment, and dwells on the positive and negative impacts of cats in our lives and communities.

From Canada to France to London and Los Angeles, this film introduces us to cat lovers, enthusiasts, researchers, and detractors to help us to paint a portrait of an animal that, despite its enormous popularity, remains enigmatic and misunderstood in many ways.

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Ubique Films

With over 40 years experience, Ubique Film is one of the oldest independent production companies in Canada, dedicated solely to documentaries. They have produced, scripted and directed dozens of documentary feature films, portraits, series and biographies.

Credit: All images courtesy of Cat Empire


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