Meet Miu and Mao

Many of you (like us) have probably more than once enjoyed watching the antics of that grinning Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland or even that clever feline from Puss in Boots, but did you know that both were British Shorthairs?  >^..^<

That said, we decided to showcase a couple of our favorite British Shorthairs – two super sweet, silly and sassy sisters named Miu and Mao.

The British Shorthair is native to England (as are these two) and as a breed are enormously popular since they often resemble a cuddly teddy bear. The lineage of the British Shorthair can be traced back to Roman times; they cross-bred with feral felines and it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that they were officially recorded as a species. They were also cross-bred with Persians in an attempt to improve the quality of their coats.

Enough history…let’s meet Miu and Mao. To help set the stage, their IG motto is: We love singing, mischief, treats, naps and kitty kisses ❤️🎶😽🇬🇧  That’s a pretty full agenda! You can follow their funventures at @miuandmao

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We spoke with their delightful cat mom (Nicola) and she filled in the blanks on our barrage of questions intended to get to know the sisfurs a bit better. Here’s what we learned:

Q: How old are they and do they get along well?

They are both 5. Most of the time they get along, but Miu is a bit of a bossy boots!

Q: Are their names meaningful in some special way?

Oh yes. I spent ages trying to find the right names. I researched all sorts from gods and goddesses to myths and legends. Then I started looking at the word cat in different languages. I soon found Mao, which means cat in Chinese. I then needed something short and sweet to go with it. Miu means beautiful feather in Japanese. And there you have it Miu and Mao were born.

Q: What city do you live in?

UK, around 30 minutes by train from London.

Q: What was the inspurration to start their adorable IG feed?

There were only so many kitty photos my friends and family were willing to look at on Facebook.

Q: How would you describe their purrsonalites?

Miu is the queen of the household, bossy boots extraordinaire with what can only be described as a judging look – I call it her old lady look! She loves to lay a fluffy trap and look extra cute but be warned she’s a ninja warrior princess and that trap will spring closed in 3.2 seconds. I have to warn visitors! Having said that she is a sweet girl who loves her blanket time and makes the best silly faces. Mao is a big softy who just wants cuddles and playtime all day. She’s very vocal and is always singing – maybe just to check where I am, or to tell me she’s “caught” a toy. She especially loves a 3 am karaoke pawty. She’s also chief mischief maker! If there’s mischief to be found she’s in the middle of it. She’s very inquisitive and likes to chew things first and then regret it later.

Q: Where do they sleep?

They sleep in the kitchen as they are very restless, Mao snores like an old man and there is likely to be fisticuffs in the middle of the night.

Q: Funniest thing either have ever done?

Mao brings her Ted without a Head to me every day. Sometimes several times a day. She sings loudly and proudly. Normally when I’m on the phone with work. Teds been with her since she was little and I hide him every night and she always finds him. It’s funny and cute.

Q: Naughtiest thing either have ever done?

Oh well that would be Mao and her love of plastic bags. I have to hide them or hang them out of reach. She still somehow manages to get to them. She’s got a plastic chewing problem.

Q: Are they spoiled? If so, in what way?

Rotten! I recently had my balcony converted into a catio for them so they have a safe outdoor space. They love it!

Q: Do they co-operate willingly during most photo shoots?

They do if there are enough treats. If it’s a staged photo shoot I set up in my bedroom and they both rush in to “help” and sit queuing to be the first up.

Q: If Miu and Mao were famous person celebs…who do you think they’d be?

Hehe Miu would definitely have been a queen. She does a great dowager impression. That old lady face is very discerning. I think Mao would be Madonna – always singing and always looking fabulous.

Q: Anything the duo might like to say to their many IG fans?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have received so much love and support from all our furriends. We love sharing our lives with you. And it makes us so happy when we hear that you have sung the day’s song with us or we have made you smile. Kitty kisses to you all!


A very special thanks to Nicola and her sassy and sweet furbabies Mao and Miu. Be sure to follow their funventures at @miuandmao



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