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Q:  What do you get when you cross a Calico barn cat with a Bengal?
A:  A precociously adorable ginger ninja with oodles of charm, pedigree and of course, some serious cat-itude!

Introducing Archie. Oh, hello ladies!  >^..^<

There’s a rumor floating around that his name was inspired when his cat mom (Trish) saw an Archie’s comic lying around when she first brought him home and noticed a resemblance, but we have a different theory:

Archie = Attitude + Rambunctiousness + Charming + Happy + Intelligent + Energetic

And how spooky-licious is this…Archie was born on Halloween of 2014 and he’s been a costume junkie ever since! To Archie every day is a great day to dress up and he doesn’t disappoint. Just ask his over 84K fans on Instagram…see for yourself at @approvedbyarchie

We’re big Archie fans and Trish was kind enough to share some ‘behind-the-scenes’ tidbits that give us a better understanding of his ginger-ness! Here’s what Trish shared with us:

Q:  Have you owned cats before Archie?

I’ve had cats for pretty much most of my life, but Archie is my first Ginger. Archie is one in a million. He’s just so dang smart and super funny. It’s true what they say about Ginger Cats… They really are unique.

Q:  Is Archie an only child or does he share your home with any other animals?

Archie is indeed an only child and it appears that’s just fine by him… I call him my latch-key kitty since he’s at home alone during the day. I’ve given a lot of thought to adopting a sibling for him. The only hitch is that he is a total Alpha male. His vet, who is absolutely amazing, has recommended that a baby female would work best since he wouldn’t feel threatened by her. Who knew that Archie could be such a bully!!!!!

Q:  Can you share a bit about his transition from impoverished farm boy to big city tycoon?

My Senior Tabby, Smudge, passed away in August of 2014 from Renal Failure. I was just so heartbroken and decided to take some time before I got another cat. I knew I would get one ‘cause a home isn’t a home without one…. I just didn’t know when. On December 28th 2014 I received a text from a friend to say that one of her parents’ Barn Cats on their Dairy Farm in Pennsylvania had given birth to a litter of kittens on Halloween and there were just 2 left. A long-haired Panther girl and the cutest little ginger boy. I was a little surprised because I hadn’t considered getting 2 kittens. I agreed to think about it overnight and let her know the next day. I contacted her in the morning to agree to take both of them but she said the Panther Girl had been adopted but she couldn’t find anyone to take the ginger boy. Without skipping a beat, I said that I had to have him. On December 31st, Archie was driven up to New York City. It was kinda like George Jefferson, you know… “Movn’ On Up”…. Ermagawd… Does that mean I’m Weezie?

Q:  What was the inspurration to start Archie’s delightful IG feed?

I was such a Proud Cat Mama and had a phone full of photographs that I loved to share with everyone, whether they were interested or not. I happened to be speaking with one of the Social Media Guys at work and he said that I should start an Instagram Account for Archie. I thought about it for a little bit and thought “Why Not”. I never for one-minute thought it would become what it has, where the last thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning is check his feed I’ve met some super awesome people and some who I know will be lifelong friends.

Q:  How would you describe his purrsonality?

Archie is such a funny character. If he was Human, he would definitely be a Comedian. He’s always doing goofy things that just make me laugh, for example he’s constantly walking around our apartment muttering like an old man. A good friend of mine from IG was visiting and christened him “Mumbles”. He’s very affectionate and loves nothing more than receiving attention from the Hoomans (On his terms of course).

Q:  Where does he sleep? 

I really wish that he would sleep in bed with me. We have our little old lady and man routine of watching TV in bed at night with him getting lots of head rubs and scratchies. In return I receive some pretty awesome headbonks and the most amazing purrs that just melt my heart. But as soon as the TV goes off and Lights out… He’s off to do whatever it is he does on his nocturnal adventures. He has a ton of super comfy places to sleep all over our 2 BR apartment and spends some time in most of them at some stage. He used to sleep at the top of his Cat Tree in the Living Room but he rolled out one night and doesn’t really go up there much anymore. I can always count on him to wake me 30 Minutes before the alarm goes off and usually when I wake up it’s to find all the toys that he’s dragged up onto the bed while I was sleeping. He’s always ready for some playtime.

Q:  Funniest thing he’s ever done?

It’s not so much any one thing that he’s done that is so funny. He’s just such a total goofball. He loves playing hide & seek and when I find him he does his little crab walk and talks smak to me. Although rolling out of his cat tree when he was asleep was pretty funny to me… more indignant for him. Note to self… buy a new cat tree. Archie has lots of energy and needs to be entertained constantly….which is just fine by me.

7. Naughtiest thing he’s ever done?

Archie was diagnosed with PICA when he was about one. His guilty pleasure is plastic. Unfortunately, he had untold number of visits to the Vet that first year. He’s almost 3 now, but still goes crazy for plastic, I have to be super vigilant. You wouldn’t believe how often I’ve had to stick my finger in his mouth to see what he was chomping on. (It’s what Helicopter Cat Moms do!) Last Christmas he discovered Tinsel…. We had some super sparkly festive poops for a few days….. Alas – the tinsel had to go.

8. Is he spoiled? If so, in what way?

I would have to say in all honesty that YES, Archie is totally spoiled. I’m constantly getting deliveries of things that I’ve bought for him that I think he may have fun with. He only eats top shelf food and loves Roasted Chicken. It’s nothing for me to Roast a whole chicken for him to eat during the week. I’m so very grateful that he’s not a child…. Otherwise there might be a Pony in my Living Room right now. I do donate a lot of his toys to shelters, there’s only so much space in our apartment.

Q:  Does he co-operate willingly during most photo shoots?

Archie is such a good sport when it comes to meowdeling for his photo shoots. Of course, that could have something to do with the Orijen treats that he gets as an incentive and a reward. He is totally food-motivated and understands a few very basic commands like Archie Come, Sit and Stay. He does not however like things on his face or anything that restricts his back legs. He’s always able to remove the hats that he wears and usually does so when he’s done playing my silly game. Some people think it’s cruel to dress cats in costumes. I always ask them if they’ve ever tried to make a cat do something he or she doesn’t want to do. Archie always lets me know when he’s had enough and I respect that decision. I would never try to force him to do something he didn’t want to do.

Q:  Any big projects on the horizon?

I’m currently working on a website for Archie… www.approvedbyarchie … obvy…. It’s going to be part educational, perhaps a little inspirational and very fashionable. A friend of mine @themainecoonlife is a Professional Photographer and she is going to write a series on how to photograph your pets… focusing mainly on cats. I’m very excited about that. Without wanting to sound too cheesy or Generic, there should be something to interest everyone who visits. Everything on the website will of course be Approved By Archie.

Q:  If Archie was a famous person celeb…who do you think he’d be?

I think Archie would like to think of himself as James Dean.. A super handsome & cool ladies’ man with a motor cycle. OK, he has an aqua blue scooter but in Archie’s mind it’s a 1000CC Harley. I think of him more like Richie Cunningham from Happy Days.

Q:  Anything Archie might like to say to his many IG fans?

We actually do read each and every comment that is posted on Archie’s feed, and we do our best to reply to everyone. And may I please add…. There are some causes that are really important to me and they include Spaying or Neutering your pets and please please please don’t declaw your kittehs. Paws need Claws and its Hip to be Snipped! And in the immortal words of @tucker_the_fire_trucker #bettersafethanafatherofeight

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A very special thank you to Archie and Trish for sharing their story and we applaud their ability to bring joy to so many IG followers! Please be sure to follow Archie’s daily escapades and his always entertaining costumes on @approvedbyarchie

Q: What’s safer…a ginger Bengal-Calico or a piranha?
A: The piranha. They only attack in schools.

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