This Angel is Devilishly Cute!

Bestselling author Paulo Coelho once said, “No, I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not. I feel their presence around me.”  Well you’ll meet and feel the presence of one today…introducing Angel…an adorable little Bengal complete with class, charisma and of course, catitude!

A born entertainer, we caught her (below) in the midst of her favorite pastime, eating. Sorry, we meant to say ‘fine dining’ since she is a lady! >^..^<

He sweet hazel eyes and gentle disposition make her so photogenic and enchanting … so much so in fact, that she’s already built an Instagram fan base of over 35K! We spoke with her cat mom (Maria) and did our usual deep dive to learn more…following is our conversation:

Q: Is Angel your only cat-child, and how old is she?

Angel just turned 1 at the end of July. She’s an only child.

Q: What city do you live in?

I can say that I’m citizen of the world. 🙂 I was born in Ukraine, then moved to New York, and now live in Saint Petersburg. I travel to NY often because I have family there, it’s my home away from home. I also travel the world a lot and plan to travel with Angel soon.

Q: What was the inspurration to start Angel’s IG feed?

I created her Instagram just for fun to watch her grow and collect moments, but I noticed that she loves to pose in front of the camera and she has human-like facial expressions. Then I started to catch her expressions and make funny videos. I would never think that she will get so many friends from all over the world. Wow. This is really amazing.

Q: How would you describe her purrsonality?

Angel is her name and this word describes her the best. She is a real angel 🙂 Also she is a little human . Very sweet and affectionate. She loves cuddles and kisses. Angel follows me everywhere and we do everything together: cooking, cleaning, making set ups for the video and photo shooting. She does human things too like watching TV shows and showering. She talks. She answers whenever I talk to her 

Q: Where does she sleep? 

She has several beds – her 3-level tree, little house, another bed… and every night she picks up one of them for the first half of the night and then she comes to my side and always hugs me while sleeping until morning.

Q: Funniest thing she’s ever done?

I think the funniest is her human-like behaviour and funny facial expressions. You can’t look at her without laughing several times a day. People never think of Angel as a cat. They say she is a little human, a mini copy of me, she really her the voice and that’s why her posts are so relatable. Many people associate her with themselves in everyday situations.

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Ready for a chuckle?

You can see a taste of Angel’s hilarious real-time expressions in 2 of her recent viral videos – When you see your ex with the new girl (left image below) and Angel’s Game of Thrones parody (right image below).

Q: Naughtiest thing she’s ever done?
Nothing too serious, maybe her TV climbing, but we have a big TV so she is allowed to hang out on that.

Q: Is she spoiled? If so, in what way?

She definitely is. She can do whatever she wants. Climb the TV and hang on it for example lol 🙂 She’s clever though and understands the word “stop” , when she tries to attract my attention and I’m busy working , she starts climbing the curtain and stops after I say “stop”. But I can’t resist her asking and play with her lol 🙂

Q: Does she co-operate willingly during most photo shoots?

She loves to pose. It’s a playtime for her. Not everyone knows that Bengals are very clever like dogs and they learn fast. She learned to pose and to be dressed in clothes. I just start playing with her when shooting and catch her funny expressions. And she is just being herself that’s why it’s easy and fun for her. She loves our shooting days. Angel and I are a dream team.

Q: Can you share anything about your background…looks like you have serious talent in photography and graphic design based on your fab posts!

Thank you ! I studied at CUNY, Broadcasting Technology and Management. But the funny thing is that I always wanted to be in front of the camera. I used to be a “weather girl” on TV in Saint Peterbourg and also was a host of the Girl’s Shopping Show. At University I had classes in filming and editing too not only hosting and acting related. I realized that I love it more than being on camera and I had awesome teachers there. Funny thing is that my first video filmed was for my final exam and the actor was my cat Mr. Denis who lives with my parents now. I don’t have that video but you can see Mr Denis acting with Angel in our Game of Thrones video (above).

Q: Any big projects on the horizon?

There are a couple of projects coming up that I’m not allowed to discuss yet, but I can announce Angel’s own big project – her Lifestyle Blog “Typical Girl Life”. Actually our Instagram friends (we don’t call them followers) inspired us to create the blog as it is. As I mentioned people see Angel as mini human girl. So the blog is not about a cat life but it’s a lifestyle, beauty, travels, food blog with Angel’s voice. It will be written by Angel. It will have posts about Angel too of course. It’s exciting. We are working on the first posts and you can subscribe already and not to miss any upcoming articles. It’ll be interesting.

Q: If Angel was a famous person celeb…who do you think she’d be?

Good question 🙂 Never thought of that. I think she’d be Ed Sheeran. She loves his music. Also we always compare Angel to Ed Sheeran’s music, because his music is very inspiring and it touches people’s hearts, it always helps you to feel better when you are sad. Just like Angel. You come home hug her, see her thousands of funny faces and all your problems seem to go away.

Q: Anything Angel might like to say to her many IG fans?

Dear Friends,
I wish you much happiness. And please smile. Remember, smiling is our power! I will try to make your days brighter with my everyday posts. 🙂  ~ Angel x


A very special thank you to Angel and Maria for sharing their story and we salute their special relationship! Please be sure to follow Angel’s exciting new meowdeling and acting gigs on @angelbengal

We all need to smile more, so why not add a little Angel to your daily routine! >^..^<


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