9 Ways to Give Extra Cat Love on ‘Love Your Pet Day’

Love Your Pet Day happens again this February 20th, and it’s great excuse to give your cat a little extra love and attention!

Now we might argue that every day should be “Love Your Cat Day” but in honor of this national day we offer 9 ways to show your cat a little extra love.

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OK – here are the 9 tips to show your cat some ‘extra’ love this Saturday:

Tip #1: Some extra affection

Some cats enjoy cuddling or hugs.  Others enjoy being petted or scratched behind their ears.  And some just want to sit near you and enjoy your company. Whatever type of affection your cat likes, be sure to give him a little extra attention today.


Tip #2:  Create a bit of one-on-one playtime

Put down the smartphone, close down the emails, and simply play with your kitty. Cats relish your undivided attention, especially when your normal routine simply doesn’t allow it.  A lot of cats like fishing pole-type toys, like Neko flies.  Some cats also enjoy chasing a laser pointer’s red dot, but be sure not to shine it in your cat’s eye.

Be present and enjoy!  You’ll both be better for it!


Tip #3: Offer kitty a nice brushing

How wonderful for kitty to get a personal, soothing brushing.  They love the feel on their fur and it further bonds their affection for you.


Tip #4: A favorite treat

Offer kitty her favorite snack – an ideal treat is different than the cat’s usual food, and rare.  We recommend it be small (only a little taste rather than an entire meal) and delicious smelling so it appeals to kitty’s heightened sense of smell.  It should be a special occasion treat.


Tip #5: A new toy

New toys are always a treat.  If you don’t have time to pick up something at your local pet store, simply use a toilet paper tube or cardboard paper towel roll.  Alternatively you can create a toy with some bells and a string.  It’s the thought that counts!


Tip #6: Some catnip

This harmless herb gives a pick-me-up and enjoyable “high” to many cats.  Catnip is a member of the mint family, and cats go wild for it. Smelling or tasting even a little bit of the oil in catnip turns even older cats into playful kittens.

We love the high quality catnip sold by Tabby James which is USDA certified organic. So will your cat!



Tip #7: A relaxing massage

Simply stroking your cat, from nose to tail, gives an all-over feel-good massage that lowers kitty’s blood pressure, and yours! Pay special attention to the places he likes best, such as the base of the tail and under the cheeks.

Touching, petting, and massaging your cat also serves as a well-cat check to find any fur clumps or or sores that may need medical attention.


Tip #8: A new place to play

Consider enhancing your cats environment with a cat climbing tower, cat tree, wall shelf or even DIY cat furniture.  Environmental enrichment reduces boredom.

You might even consider setting up a window perch so your cat can watch out the window comfortably.  Go a step further, and place bird and squirrel feeders outside your cat’s favorite window so she can watch small animals come and go during the day.

Vertical space is important for many cats, especially in a multi-cat home.  Cat perches, trees, shelves, and cat walkways are all excellent ways to provide your kitty with vertical space.


Tip #9: Relaxing aromatherapy with scented wax melts

So many cats get their tails in a twist over changes to their world and the hectic schedules of their busy owners.  Why not take the time to relax together with some aromatherapy to help unwind and de-stress.  Cats are calmed by certain scents and these aromas can enhance their mood, reduce tension and aggression and improve their overall well being.

We recommend a product called Paw Melts. They are fragrant wax melts that are 100% organic and come in 7 captivating scents designed to please cats and their owners.  Imagine a quiet evening, with calm cats in a wonderful smelling environment.

Just makes you want to say “ahhhhhhhh…”


We wish everyone a very Happy Love Your Pet Day this Saturday Feb. 20th!


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